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Subject Author Category Views Replies   Last Post
Bat Action Questions Mntngoat Gun Project Questions 1,882 2
by Mntngoat
BAD CCI 450 Primers... expiper Main Message Board 3,395 6
by Stysh
Swiss/German/Austrian BR Quality Gunsmiths?? mho Gun Project Questions 1,902 4
by germanvarminter
Norma 6PPC Brass-- Does it exist? Riverine 6PPC, 6-6.5x47, 6XC, 6 Rem, 243, 6-284 3,349 2
by DickG
22BR Barrel Twist? Walt Gun Project Questions 1,730 1
by HBC
velocity differences between twists eddief Main Message Board 1,056 2
by eddief
Cooper 6BR Varminter Rifle--Impressions? Moderator Varminter & Hunting Forum 2,844 1
by jwv2001
22br Neck sizes? tinman 6BR, 6BR Improved & Wildcats 1,623 3
by tinman
Duel Port actions disadvantages/advantages AckleyImproved Gun Project Questions 1,607 4
by biggjake
floating reamer holder? NickF Advanced Gunsmithing & Engineering 2,284 2
by NickF
Good BR Gunsmith in So. California? LawDog Advanced Gunsmithing & Engineering 1,702 2
by biggjake
Pillars vs. Glue-in for 600yd Guns -- What's Best? LawDog Advanced Gunsmithing & Engineering 2,273 2
by jb1000br
Ultimate Target Scope--Why Not a Simple 20-40x zoom? Moderator Scopes, Optics, & Rings 1,949 1
by jb1000br
6br or dasher fuzz 6BR, 6BR Improved & Wildcats 2,078 1
by 6Dasher
A Switch Barrel rifle. Calibres? Actions? AckleyImproved Gun Project Questions 2,446 5
by dantec
Dasher and 115VLD 6Dasher 6BR, 6BR Improved & Wildcats 1,673 6
by flatlander
Barrel Length james Main Message Board 1,242 2
by Moderator
Using Rem case in Lapua Chamber krxm21 Main Message Board 1,147 1
by JohnO
Free Recoil past 300m? Does it Work? Riverine Competition Forum (All Calibers) 1,762 0
by Riverine
6.5-284 vs. 6BR in the Wind Moderator Big Stuff -- 6.5mm and Up 3,287 0
by Moderator
Polygon Barrel--Good Choice? Riverine Gun Project Questions 3,880 5
by dantec
Weaver T Scopes--Max Elevation, Quality? Moderator Scopes, Optics, & Rings 3,146 0
by Moderator
Best Powder for 55gr Ballistic Tip? Moderator Varminter & Hunting Forum 3,062 1
by expiper
Sako 75 Re-Barreling Project--Suggestions? Moderator Gun Project Questions 2,897 0
by Moderator
Barrel Twist Rate for 55-70gr Bullets? Moderator Gun Project Questions 1,483 0
by Moderator
90gr JLK for 22 BR/Dasher (12 merged posts) Moderator Small Stuff--17s, 20s, and 22s 3,324 0
by Moderator
Barrel Life in 6BR? (5 Merged Posts) Moderator Main Message Board 1,871 0
by Moderator
Action Bedding--Best Release Agent? (11 Merged Posts) Moderator Advanced Gunsmithing & Engineering 2,254 0
by Moderator
Dasher vs. Std. Case Capacity? Moderator 6BR, 6BR Improved & Wildcats 1,819 0
by Moderator
20 MOA Rings -- Sight-in Tips? (merged) Moderator Scopes, Optics, & Rings 1,675 0
by Moderator

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