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ANY 1000 YARD SHOOTERS OUT THERE im in need of some advise PLEASE 1st 8-32 OR 12-42 nightforce? 2nd what ret? 3rd what other scopes do you use and why ...............
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For the money difference, whatever you do, go with the 12x42...You'll hear that when the mirage is bad you can't use the full power, but for me, thats not happened but a time or can always back the power down a little if you have too on the 12x42, but the 8x32 can only go to 32! The first time you see your bullet holes at 1000 yards, you'll be glad you went with the higher power...
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If money is not a concern you may consider the NF or for that matter the March or S&B. If money is an issue, you would be hard pressed to find a better deal than the SIII 32x. I use a 20x Zeiss on one of my guns that is as clear as any optics that I have including a NF BR 42x and the SIII 32x. I use all for 1K with no problem. The reticle selection would be simple, like a dot or fine cross hairs if shooting BR at a known distance. If for no other reason than to see the flags or other wind indicators by not blocking the field of view. Other things to consider for you scope choice, weight- if your competing in light gun class, focus adjust (some refer to this as parallax adj.)- side for comfort or objective for usually less cost. There are more parts and glass in a side focus scope, more glass more chance for aberrations, is what I read, though I have never taken one apart.
I dropped the idea of ever seeing a bullet hole at 1K. with .30 cal or smaller without a camera. At least here in the southern US anyway.
I'm sure you will get more opinions on optics.
Happy scope hunting. Jim
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In the next few months I will be purchasing my second Sako TRG for 1000 yard f class competition,

I will be mounting the Schmidt Bender 5Ð25x56 PM II LP P4 Fine reticle, the optical clarity of this scope has to be seen to be believed.
It is certainty the best scope I have ever looked through slightly better than my 20 power Zeiss with mill dot.
Which is a very close second and would be my next best choice, it is a good deal clearer than the night force in my opinion.

5Ð25 should be plenty of powder for 1000 yard hits
You could have a look a DEMIGOD LLC for Zak Smith take on this topic.
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12-42 as stated above on a 12-42 you CAN go up to 42 power but on a 8-32 you ca ONLY go up to 32
mine is a 12-42 NP-R2
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so 32 power would be no good do you shoot on 42 power
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32x IS good, you don't even need that much. More power is not always better. Remember most of what is said about different scopes is subjective. There are facts or laws about optics that most of us are not even aware. These are opinions. I suggest you go to a match or club and ask people to let you look through their scopes so you can draw you own desires/opinions. All the scopes discussed so far are very fine scopes, some much better, but all will do the task. You probably could not say that you didn't do well because you had that ragged POS ---- on the gun. More magnification is nice but not needed. The more mag. the harder it is to hold still and the more sensitive to movement.
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