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Im considering building a 17 m2 for squirrel hunting. Has anyone had any expierence with the 17 m2? What does it do to a squirrel that has been head shot. Is it savable or not? If anyone has pictures of head shots I would like to see. What is the least violent ammo for meat,or does it make a difference? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
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I never was one to get a bunch of squirrels, but hunted mostly sitting so the squirrels would not see me and stop. Then tried head shots with standard velocity .22 Didn't make as much noise as HV and sometimes let me shoot several. I would be concerned the .17 would make to much noise and travel to far. I had a cousin who was a better hunter than me that only used solid .22 shorts because they were quieter. Anything hitting a squirrel in the head will drop them. If they are moving I always felt you risked damaging the meat.
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The only thing better than the 22 is the 17M2 on small game. I have a Savage and in 2 years it has become the rimfire of choice for me and my sons. It is not as loud as the 22 & it is more accurate.
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I don't own a .17 but have heard them at the range. Don't they have a sonic crack like a .22 hv. Are they really quieter than a .22 standard velocity? I am sure they are more accurate at distance. But most squirrels are shot at under 50 yards. I would like to hear more.
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I built a 17M2 off a Ruger 10/22 a when it was still a new cartridge. I mainly use it for hunting ground squirrels at distances of 50-100 yards. I think with the right shot placement you won't damage meat on the edible squirrel variety, but the bullets do expand, so the 22LR would have less damage I think. I have a 10/22 22LR also and the 17M2 seems slightly louder than the 22LR, but not at all significant. It could just be the way the action cycles in my semi-auto rifle that makes me believe they sound different. Both cartridges are fairly quiet. The 17M2 is an extremely fun cartridge to shoot, it will shoot nice little groups at 100 yards. Not as cheap as 22LR, but much flatter shooting. I have tried only 2 types of ammo; the Hornady 17 grain v-max and the Eley 17 grain. The Eley shoots better groups with less drop and wind drift between the two types of ammo.
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I used CZ 17 MK2 as backup for p-dog hunting...Accuracy is excellent with CCI but expansion is not there...Good for your application...MK2 round trajectory is nearly the same as HMR out to 125 yds..
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The M2 IMO is the perfect tree squirrel round does no more damage than a high vol. 22 hollow point.When they are hit with the M2 it like they got struck by lightning DRT...Since the M2 has come out my 22's havnt seen the woods.
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