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Howdy! Does any one out there have a Sako Quad in 17 M-2, I built up a 10-22 conversion, Volks parts, very accurate, but won't fire the eley ammo, bought alot of it on sale!! So I'm looking for a bolt gun. I thought if the Sako didn't shoot, I can get a Lilja barrel. Really leaning towards Cooper, but kinda hard to find, and I don't want to order one and wait!! Plus I think I already have to many Coopers, if that's possible!! Plus it's kinda hard to really hunt with a Cooper, this would be a rodent truck gun, and I know what it would look like after a few months of doing battle with those pesky vermin!! Thanks for any info on the Sako!!
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I have not heard much good on the Sako switch barrel, I have been around a couple and the accuracy was not impressive,IMHO.

Thats a kittle odd that your 10-22 conversion wont shoot the eley. Is it a function problem or an accuracy problem. I ask because because I have a converted 10-22 with VQ bolt and barrel that shoots eley lights out. I also have factory VQ Deluxe M2, It would not function correcly with eley ( blown cases at the rim). I sent it back to VQ, Scott worked on the head space and now its funtioning great and accuracy is coming around. Might be worth a call to VQ??

The Annies 1502DHB's are a fine mach 2 and at one time they where on close out alot of places. Still might be??, I gave 365 bucks for mine NIB ended up traded it for the VQ Deluxe + 100 bucks. I just like the semi's better for shootin rats. Why I needed 2 I have no idea??

My shooting bud has a CZ 452 varmint in mach 2 that shoots very well also.

Check out for more info, the guys over there know their rimfires.
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Thanks CooperNV: I have talked to VQ about the 10-22 conversion, it's their bolt and barrel. They thought that the firing pin might be broken or maybe fouled with powder? But if so why will it fire the CCI and Hornady with no problems!! I'm begining to think it's a bad batch of eley, as the cases were dented by the firing pin, but didn't fire. Also the firing pin mark on the case wasn't sharp like on the cci & Hornady, it was just pushed in like you had put a pencil point sideways into butter. Don't know if I can try and fire one of the eley in a old 22 bolt gun I have, and see if it fires it. I don't have another 17 mach 2 , maybe there is a down side to firing a 17m2 in a 22 long rifle????? Other than the obvious smaller bullet, which will rattle down the tube!! Any thoughts on that?? Thanks Ted
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Ted, is the trigger group stock? The hammer strut spring could be a lttle week to punch the eley? The stock springs work well but some of the aftermarket springs that come in the trigger kits are weak. I have run into this on 22lr builds and switched back to the original or extra power spring and all was well. Is it firing the first round then hits soft? Any stove pipeing or failure to feed?
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Terry: The trigger group has been gone through, seems to function as it should. No stovepiping, or feeding problems with cci or hor., but it will not fire the eley at all!! It just leaves a small crater, not a sharp mark like the cci & hor's! At first I thought the eley brass was to soft, but now I tend to think it might be to hard, and the firing pin is just pushing a dent, not a sharp indentation, as with the cci & hornady. I think I'll try a different trigger group just for the heck of it. Maybe I'll sell the eley, and move on!! Thanks Ted
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Ted, You might measure the rim thickness of the eley vs the cci. It might be a bit thinner and that could present the problem. 10-22's use the recess in the bolt face to head space so if the rims are thin the firing pin might not "pinch" the rim against the chamber. Just a thought. I would try a extra power hammer spring. With the deals that come up on Eley it would be a shame if you couldn't shoot it.
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