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Cooper, thanks for the advice. BTW, since we are on the subject of new scopes, I installed Warne rings on my 8 x 40 Tasco about ten years ago and will install the scope on a .22-250....maybe. The entire rig will weigh in at a whopping 14 pounds, so I am not entirely sure that I will end up topping off the rifle with that particular scope.

To get to the point, I never really understood the advantage of the Warne design and its vertically-placed closure as compared to the more conventional horizontal types of rings. I installed the rings because they were quick-disconnects and were used by the precision rifle shooters, so I figured that the design must be good. Frankly, I like the Leupold QDs better. So....what is the advantage (if any) to the Warne design?
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Barry, I don't know of a distinct advantage to the Warnes, funny, its about all I use. The Leupold and the warne are kind of a pain to assemble. Warnes are tough to lap I just check alignment by mocking them up on a lapping rod. I have never had scope damage with warnes. The Leupold's split under center so when assembling spread the tops just a touch or they will scratch the scope tube, scotch tape on the tube works also. I have had good luck with Burris Signature rings too the only draw back would be non QA. I kinda like the look of vertical split rings. MHO
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You and I think alike on the Warne rings. You are right. I know that the Leupold rings are easy to lap because they are cut on the horizontal, but the Warne rings are a different story. I like the Leupold handles on their quick-release setups because they always return to zero and don't poke out to the side as do the Warne rings. As for the scotch tape tip, thanks. I had never thought of using scotch tape for checking for high spots on the inner surfaces of the rings or just to act as kind of a gasket. I will give it a try next time.

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Thanks for the advise gentlemen, im going to certainly go with a variable power scope and i'm also going to up my budget a bit, i'm going to have a closer look at the zeiss lineup as i've read many positive things about them; and i'll look into other mentions from you guys. When i make my choice i'll post back and hopefully some pics! I'm excited about the t-bolt!

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