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Is there really any real difference between the two, accuracy wise?

I understand the differences between the two, but I was more concerned with accuracy of the 20 Var Targ vs 221 fireball.

Which one is better at bug hole groups?

Did a search here and other places, and it does not seem that to many people are using this round for me to consider building one.

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I have a 20VT and a 17 Fireball. Not alot of difference between them but both are great fun to shoot. They are quiet and low recoil. Great for mid-range (out to 250yrds) PD's and GS's, red mist in the scope. I have not shot a 221 Fireball but I would imagine it would be a good mid- range varminter also.
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Better ballistics with the 20's.

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Accuracy is so dependent upon the quality of the rifle, scope,ammo, and shooter. The 221 Fireball and 20 Var Targ are both fine rounds. I use a 17 Fireball ,.204 Ruger, and 221 Fireball for pririe dog shooting. All will shoot one half inch ,five shot 100 yard groups when Im steady off the bench rest.
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i went p-dogin with a friend last summer. he was shooting a20-222 and he was hitting dogs as far out as 350 yrds in the wind(20-25 mph) i was shooting a 22br and was having a hard time past 250yrds the 20's definatly have an advantage in the wind.
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My vote is for the 20VT.Like Tuck2 said so much is dependant on the rifle and shooter.I happen to the like the 20's because the b.c. is so much better for the given bullet weights you will be shooting.In Nebraska this past spring we made kills beyond 500yds quite regularly in a mild 5-10mph wind.With the 20VT 350-400yd shots are cake and if p.d.'s are your intended quarry it has plenty of energy to do the job even at those distances.
Honestly for 90% of most pd hunters needs the 20VT does a heck of a job.Barrels don't get too hot,better rat smackage than the Mach1V flatter than the .221,what else does a guy need.
Now if this is going to be a coyote gun your building that is an altogether different subject.

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I've been shootin a 221 for about 15 years. It has been my favorite gun to grab when I want a light carry rifle to shoot marmots. A couple years back I shot my deer with it. Head shot, 40 gr.BT. Dropped dead. Last year my 20VT was finished. Built on a Savage action with Kreiger Barrel with a .560 muzzle. First hunt last year I set up on a hill about 250 yds away from a pile of rocks. I saw numerous rockchucks from one end to the other. My first shot went right where I was aiming, about an inch high. I made the proper adjustment, and shot 9 straight. Both are quiet enough to shoot without muffs, although I try to use mine whenever I can. Accuracy is excellent with both. Small quanities of AA1680 keep barrels shooting for a long time. 20 VT can do just about all a 204 will do with less powder, cooler chamber temps, more shots before trading out guns. Over 4000 fps with 26 gr. varmint grenades. Try it, you'll like it.
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