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I'm thinking about building a varmint/target rifle in a 20 vartarg. I would be using this rifle for gophers and possible LV/HV 100/200 yrd. benchrest competitions. Looking for some suggestions on stock, action and barrel combinations to make this a winner. Look forward to your valued recommendations. Thanks
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I also have a 20 VT planned in the future.....for informal target shooting.

Regarding what it will take to make this cartridge a winner at 100/200 yd. BR (assuming you meant "winner" literally and not figuratively):
Someone with super-human skills at reading conditions i.e. wind, mirage, thermal currents, other just ain't gonna happen.

Besides the fact that there's no one making "BR quality" bullets in 20 cal, it's just too enemic.

Granted, you may still see match reports where a .222 may have won a club shoot, they did indeed have history behind them as a winner. Not so for the 20 VT or even it's Fireball daddy.

Base your build on varminting and avoid the disappointment.
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Any of the major action are good, Bat, Stiller, Kelby, Borden,etc.

I would think any benchrest stock make would be fine. I pick the one I can get the quickest.

I like a McM hunterbenchrest stock for a hunting gun, with a 2.25" flat forearm.

I like Krieger for barrels, but aii are good, and the same go for barrels as stocks, one in hand is better than waiting 6 months.

If you are looking to shoot 100/200 yard benchrest. Look at a used benchrest gun in 6PPC. Most of the new action co. can sell you a bolt in the 222 boltface, without having the gun. I know Bat, Stiller, Kelby will, not sure about the rest, check before you buy.

Then all you would need is a 20 cal barrel, and you would have both.

Mark Schronce
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They is a nice Bat Stainless 3 Lug RB/LP/RE 6PPC LV. in the classifieds for $1900.

I think the 3 lug run a little more than two lug bolts.

Mark Schronce
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Mark & LHSMITH thanks for your feedback. In regards to specifics on a Krieger barrel, what twist rate, contour, length etc. would you recommend?
Any and all information you may have to make this rife build exceptional is welcomed. Thanks
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I'm not sure on the twist, check out this site, it is all small cal fourm.

Unless you are want a light hunting gun, I would go light varnimt barrel for a 10.5 lb gun limit. Heavy varmint barrel for a 13.5lb gun limit. If you are not going to shoot reg. benchrest. I like to leave the barrel as long as you can, for set backs later.

Most of my guns are for long range benchrest 17 lb limit. All gun are for shooting from a bench in the field or at a range. I like a heavy gun for myself, you may want a lighter gun.

Mark Schronce

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