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i finally got a chance to shoot my long range 22 today. i was able to get a consecutive 15" group at 2640yrds(1 1/2miles)......well.... i'm sure most of you have already caught on by now. jst in case you haven't this is a really sweet shooting gun it has a 30" barrel and i always shoot the best ammo(federal value pack hp's).

seriously tho, why do they put that on the box? my best guess of why is most everyone including kids and idiots owns at least one .22lr. am i correct or do i need to start shooting at longer distances. i gotta tell you tho, shooting water balloons at 200yds w/ cheap stuff is pretty challenging; especially if the wind is blowing.

my other question is what would be furthest that a 22lr could still be really dangerous?

p.s. i don't have any pics. i lied, sorry. surley you guys knew from the title being too good to be true.
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Too incredible to be true from a meager .22 LR which remains a solid seventy yard varmint buster. Buy a .223 Remington caliber centerfire rifle and experience the difference! Cliffy
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IIRC, Julian Hatcher said max range was about 3/4 they doubled that figure on the ammo boxes to be sure no one got hurt.

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no need to buy one i already own several, cliffy. i prefer 22-250 over 223 for a real difference. i shoot stuff with 22 around my barn and was jst curious how far the bullet would go if ricochet or miss. for this reason i've been shooting low velocity cb's. anything over 50yrds is a challenge and they are so inconsistent at that range you might as well not even shoot cuz 3 out 5 ur gonna miss. i can really put 'em in there with minimags tho. i've tried on my 17hmr a few times and like the result, but stll am worried on bullet traveling further than i want it too. i figure the .17 will splat instead of riccochet.
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I would not have believed it if I had not done it myself. At 200 yards a standard lead 40 gn. 22 LR shot from my 29 inch bbl'd Martini will pierce a steel Freon 12 can. It will pass thru one wall and the spent lead will be contained within the can and will dent but not pierce the exit wall. The can is HEAVILY dented at the entrance wall at 300 yds but no piercing is evident. I HAD NO IDEA that a garden variety 22 rimfire was that potent.
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i was kinda thinking 300yrds, but couldn't say based on my experience and i've never tried to really stretch it past 200. it really puts into perspective of jst how dangerouse larger calibers actually are. i'm more consernd of richocetts than anything else, on a calm day you can hear them go on for a long ways.
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In view of .223 Remington defense required against the venerable .22/250, I offer these results regarding .223 Remington prowess: 55 grain Berger Varmint loads @ 200 yards as equating to 2 MOA from a neophite with poor eyesight. Yet, I'm certain I can reduce the "spray" with my 24.2 Grain Reloder 10x loads at 2.250" C.O.L. loads. More to follow, Be sure . . . cliffy
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I think it was over on Snipers Hide a while ago there was a test using a 22 at up to 300 yards on some thawed turkeys. I don't remember exactly. The little 22 has more poop then we give it credit for.
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