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Tidbit here.

Let's here about your Hornets: rifles, reloading and optics.

I have a Savage Model 23-D that dates from 1937 to 1944. It wears a Weaver K10-1 that dates from the late fifties.
I load in Winchester cases with 10 grns of IMR 4227 with a Hornaday 45 grn bullet. It has been my groundhog rifle for years. It was dad's favorite rifle for close in coyotes.

An oldie but a goodie.

Let hear about yours: I know there a re Hornet fans on this forum.
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Mine is a Ruger No. 1 with a 20X Unertl, no other modifications. I load Ramshot Enforcer, Sierra 40 gr. bullets in Winchester brass, CCI pistol primers and really enjoy it. I plan to do something about the trigger someday but it's low on my priority list.
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I have a ruger 77/22 lam stock medium barrel. I have have glassed it and did a trigger job ,it brakes at 1.5lbs. Nikon 4.5x14 scope in laped rings. This has been my go to gun as i have shot everything from squirls to deer with it. On one hunt i saw a black snake on a dirt mound ranged it at 101yds, aimed at his head and let one fly, took his head clean off.

I load it with lil'gun. 13gr with a 35v-max this is a great g-hog-varmint load. Then i load 8gr to get 22mag velocites good squirel load pretty quite to. These loads are good and safe in my gun.

Both loads shoot the same poi out to 70yds.

Be careful of the brass you use as they have different case capasities. I use remington as i have found they are a little bigger.

Federal small rifle primers are the way to go.
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I also love the hornet!
I have a Savage model 40 topped off with a cheap tasco 6-24 varmint scope.
LOAD: 13 grains of lil'gun
40gr nosler bt
Win brass
cci sm pistol primer
Also a light crimp (light) on the bullet!
Vel is 2800 fps.
This combo will shoot .5 to .75 all day long.
With the velocity at 2800 fps this puts the hornet about equal to the 218 bee factory round!
Side note: the savage 40 barrel is NOT PINNED on the action, it is threaded on the action. their is a set screw in the recoil lug, remove the set screw and the recoil lug will slide right off the action (dovetail) and the barrel will screw right off!!!
One great round, love the hornet.
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My Hornet is a Pre-64 Model 70 Winchester that wears a 12X, 1 1/2 Unertl scope. I grew up reading varmint hunting books by C.S. Landis and always wanted a rifle configured from the 30s-40s. I have owned this rifle since 1968. It's serial number indicates it was made in 1948.

The rifle is a standard grade and factory stock. Long ago, I came upon a batch of 22 Hornet military loaded ammo. Half the case was 45 gr FMJ, the other half was 46 gr Open Point ammo. All loaded by Winchester. I believe the ammo was designed for the little M4 (?) survival rifle. The ammo was in white boxes and the hunting ammo had a warning that is was not to be use for combat purposes.

That was the most accurate ammo I have ever owned or loaded for my rifle. It would shoot 3/4 MOA all day long at 100 yds. Bagged many a ground hog here in the midwest with that load. We used to hunt right on the edge of town as some of the farms were half in town and half out. The low report was the berries.

Hand loading was a whole nother issue. Shot a bunch of 40 -45 gr Sierra Hornet bullets and never had much luck with them. Shot them over 2400 and then H4227. Found that small pistol primers were the best in my rifle. I used Winchester brass exclusively.

When the 35 gr VMax bullets came out, I had to try them. They have produced some of the better groups lately. I do have some of the 46 gr OP Winchester factory bullets that are high on my list to shoot. My powder supply is from another time. Powders that work well with that VMAX are WW 296 and WW 680, they have all been discontinued. That supply is running a little thin so I think that Hodgen's Lil Gun will be the next powder that I use in that rifle.

20 yrs ago I also owned a Model 43 Winchester in Hornet. That was a pretty sorry example of the rifle with excessive headspace. I strictly loaded that like a 22 magnum RF to keep the cases alive. At a gun show there was a fellow who actually sold factory second, 22 RF Magnum bullets. You could buy either FMJ or the HP version. I always went for the HPs. That was perfect for the Model 43.

I hardly shoot the Model 70 any more as I have gotten involved with long range HP rifle shooting but the rifle is so unique and fulfills my long term desire to keep the 30-40s style varmint rifles alive.

Sorry I got so wordy but you can tell that I really like the old 22 Hornet!

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Bob, that's a great post, thanks for sharing all that. One of our local Highpower shooters is a M70 collector and has a Hornet like yours but I can't get him to shoot it.

I got my No. 1 because as a lefty, it works just right for me; I used the Unertl on it from one of my Smallbore rifles as it just seemed to fit the character of the rifle better than a modern scope would. I like the No. 1 a lot, I don't even know what the accuracy level is because that's not my reason for having it, but it seems accurate enough for what it is. I'd like to have another No. 1 in 30-30 someday and have another Unertl stashed away for it.
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Tidbit, My .22 hornet is nowhere as old or unique as yours, but it sparked my interest in shooting after a 25 year non- shooting period. I had an itch to shoot something other than my .22 Winchester 290 semi-auto I had recently brought home from my parents' house where it had been for many years. Happened to go by a local gun store where a fellow had just dropped off a used Cooper Model. 38 on commission. I bought it on the spot. Nice medium heavy barrel-all metal highly polished. I had never heard of the 22 Hornet nor Cooper Arms before (!) , but it really struck me as a beautiful piece of work that surely would shoot better than my old Winchester. It did. I have a Zeiss 4.5 X 14X scope on it & it is a pleasure to shoot & look at. I have found HSM factory ammo with Calhoon bullets very accurate. Quiet, too.
Have since added more to my little collection, including a Ruger No 1-and it is accurate too, although I have heard reports that the #1 isn't so accurate, not so in this case. Neat little cartridge. Seems to soldier on....
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savage model 40, with leoupold VXII 3-9x scope.
R-P nickle plated brass
winchester small pistol primers
14.5gr Lil'gun
30gr berger, 1.75"OAL
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