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I would love to find an economical threaded or threadable action for such a project...
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You could look at the CZ it is a threaded reciever....Ian
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Originally Posted by jb77

I haven't read anything about replacing the bullets in the mag ammo with better bullets. The new polymer tipped bullets being loaded into the mag ammo look like they are pretty good.

I did a quick web search and found this. Reading it I'm pretty sure I've also read it before. There may also have been some discussion at rimfirecentral.

I'm quite tempted to get a 22 WMR reamer from PTG, a fast twist barrel, and re-barrel some 22 WMR rifle. Although I don't even have the rifle...

Here in Finland we have energy limits on guns which are used on game. Going to heavy bullets would allow me to use subsonic velocities along with a silencer. And going WMR instead of e.g. Hornet would make the rifle "miniature rifle" instead of "rifle", which has some legal advantages.

I'm a bit worried about long jacketed bullets and subsonic velocities, so hard cast bullets would be better. I just don't know of any bullet in 75+ grain weight, which is required for energy limit.
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I would suggest getting a remington 40x and opening up the bolt face to match the WMR case. You will also have to tinker with the firing pin and the ejector/loading ramp.

I built a WMR conversion for an AR15. I used an Anschutz 'match' 22lr bbl from Numrich. I used a Clymer reamer that I also got from Numrich. I did have to polish the solid pilot so it would go into the 22lr bore.

I have got it to where it reliably goes bang and ejects, now I have to work on the magazine. I haven't really sat down and fired it for group yet. I think it will do good. I am reloading some 22 mag shells and using a .223" Speer bullet.
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Numrich also has some Anschutz 22 mag bbls for $32.00. They would be ideal for one of the pinned actions. The biggest problem with these Anschutz bbls is that they are only about 20" long.
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You might look into different reamers. I have one of the ptg 22 mag match reamers with 1.5deg leade angle. Supposidly the lesser the angles the better the bullet is allowed to allign to the bore. I would have to wonder how well the original was designed as it has a 15 degree leade angle. In reasearching i heard it mentioned that at time for match reamers and they go with 1/2 degree. 15 degrees is a long way off from 1.5 or 1/2 degree. Id also consider using a 22lr barrel.
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I have pulled and reloaded 22WMR. I loaded them with Lil gu and 40gr v-maxs and my accuracy and velocity improved greatly.
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