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I am planning a project for a .22 mag. I can do my own work, and have a Saami std reamer. I intend to use a stainless Savage or Marlin action and one of their laminated stocks. I will probably use a Lilja barrel. My concern is that the WMR may not be capable of the accuracy I want. 1/2 moa at 100 yds. I've seen .17 HMR's do it, but it may just be better ammo. I posted on LRH and got some responses to that effect. It dawned on me that this might be a better forum for that question since my main concern is for the accuracy potential of the WMR. I could build a .17 hmr, but I like the bigger bullet of the .22.

Thanks for any help, Tom
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TRE I have a Rem model 5 in 22 mag and with CCI Maxi Mag ammo its a 3/4 inch gun at 100 meters. Tried all of the available 22 mag to find the one that shoots best in this rifle. I haven't tried the new Vmax 30 gr load which is reported to be very accurate. I have shot the Win Dynapoint in this rifle and it did not group real well but was still accurate enough to be Minute of Gopher. FS
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The only way you will know is to build a 22 WMR rifle. Then try out the various brands of ammo. My Cooper 57M 17 HMR is more accurate than my Kimber 82 22 WMR but thats only comparing two brands of rifles. I have found that there may be a difference in accuracy between lots of the same brand ammo for my 22 LR, 22WMR, 17 HM2, and 17 HMR rifles. So each time I get a new lot number of ammo I go and shoot the rifle off a bench rest. There are a lot of rimfire fans at some may have built a custom 22 WMR rifle.
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Anybody tried pulling the bullets and replacing with some decent centerfire bullets like Nosler 40gr BT?

For the record, pulling should be done with reloading press and not with impact pullers (the hammer type). I seem to remember that 25ACP shell holder fits the rimfire cartridge and you can get the puller kit from e.g. Hornady.
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A 22Mag can be nicely accurate. I've had several and seen several more, and they've all shot well. I'd recommend a couple things. Use a 22lr barrel which has a little tighter bore. And chamber is really important in a rimfire..... give it a tight chamber like you would with a match 22lr.

My first 22Mag was a T/C super 16 carbine in 22lr. Accuracy was never more than so-so with any ammunition. Mike Bellm said the bore was tight for 22lr. He rechambered it to 22Mag and accuracy became unreal. That barrel is a death ray. Mike knows chambers and this one is tight. I've had several Ruger 77/22's that all shot well as-is except for bedding. Also a couple European 22Mag semiautos that were very accurate, and they had tight chambers. A friend has a Mauser 201 bolt that's extremely has a good barrel and a tight chamber.

My current 77/22 has a straight Lothar Walther 22lr match barrel threaded to the action, and a match chamber. I'm not aware of "match" spec's for a 22Mag. I took the numbers for my reamer from a Win. 40JHP round. It makes a nice tight chamber with a little engraving. The gun shoots very well. Velocity is a shade over 2000fps. I've never grouped it at 100yds and it's always windy here anyway. But the gun has killed gobs of rockchucks at 100yds and head shots are easy, even when only part of the head is visible.

I'd suggest having the reamer ground to minimal spec's, and using a barrel with tight bore.
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Thanks to all for the replies and info. Good stuff. Anyone else feel free to jump in.

Good shooting, Tom
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Glad to see that you posted the question..... I was out the other day messing with a 22mag that i have beaten around for years and was wondering just how accurate they could be and what it would take to build one..... went over to rimfire central one day but could not sort the fiction from the fact

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jthyttin I recall an article several years ago in Shooting Times concerning pulling the bullets out of 22 mags and necking down to .17 cal.

I haven't read anything about replacing the bullets in the mag ammo with better bullets. The new polymer tipped bullets being loaded into the mag ammo look like they are pretty good.

I am not sure that the bullets are the limiting factor. I have several 22 rimfires and they shoot the cheaper,junkier ammo pretty well. Certainly better than the one 22 Mag I have.

In my opinion I believe that sloppy chambers and bad triggers on a lot of production guns limit our ability to shoot them to the cartridges full accuracy potential.

That being said, a couple of coyotes and a bunch of crows did not know that my Marlin wouldn't group into 2 inches at a hundred yards. One of the funnest days I ever spent afield was watching my son go thru a box of 22 mag blowing up horse apples lying at the bottom of a pool dam.
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