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You could buy the Redding forming dies and make your own unlimited supply from either .222 or .223 cases. If not then you have to wait for Remington. The brass will become available. When it does, you have to buy enough so you don't have to worry about it again.
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Certainly we all have that option and most likely I'll end up doing that. But the question is, how is my forming my own brass, the answer to Remington supporting their product?
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Originally Posted by ThadJB
Certainly we all have that option and most likely I'll end up doing that. But the question is, how is my forming my own brass, the answer to Remington supporting their product?

Remington has not "stopped supporting their product"... they are just behind - that's all.

This problem happens with many calibers, like 6mm Rem, 260 Rem, and dozens of others.

I have several rifles in calibers that brass becomes available every few years, and I buy up a bunch of it.

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"When they make the next batch of 221 (ammo and brass), expect it to disappear in a month."

Catshooter, I'm not trying to make this personal. Even in your own words, does this seem like support to you? When I purchased my 20 VT, I based my decision on a couple of things. I did my research, spoke with Todd Kindler and a few other users, and I also spoke with the Rem ammo factory and was told by Rem that "there was a very large shipment due out at the end of Feb and another at the end of Mar. The Feb shipment cooresponded with Midways information. Now, I'm being told that there is no set date. I have a $400.00 barrel sittng in my closet because I believed what I was told by Remington.
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Well Thad, I'm not going to make it personal either.

Large companies have their production schedules, and marketing goals.

If you have ever worked for a company as large as Remington, or IBM, you know that much gets screwed up by different departments tossing their needs in the pot.

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between being screwed up on production schedules, and "not supporting a product".

When Remington made the 5mm Rimfire, they found that sales were not too good, and the abandoned all the buyers, and [i]"Did not support the product"[/b] by not making ammo any more.

That left 60,000 owners of the rifles with NO ammo. Rem could have made a production run every three or four years, but they just walked away from it. THAT IS "NOT SUPPORTING THEIR PRODUCT!!

What is happening with the .221/17FB is that they fell behind in production goals because of bad management decisions.

So please don't misrepresent what is happening, because it is inflammatory and serves no productive end.

I'm not defending Rem's business practices, because they Piss me off too... just putting the record straight.

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I got the forming dies and I think I will get the trimmer set up and maybe advertise converted 222/223 brass here...didnt know they were in that much demand..I always have plenty.
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if anyone needs 221 or 20vt i have made 3000 20vt from 223 brass and would make some for you. all would be annealled and neck turned. call 208 882 8963 jim bauer
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