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I have read that the 222 was the Br rifle of choice before the 6 br or 6ppc came along.

Where did they all go? :{

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They were re-barreled to 6BR or 6PPC. The same way that the 22 Wasps were rebarreled to 222 in the early 1950s.

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Still around also, after 59 years. Enough of a market that Lapua continues to make their superior brass available. Great little round that does not get the respect it deserves.
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Not sure how to take your question.
If your talking about why the .222 has not been offered in factory chamberings in the last 2 perhaps Sako and's because the .223 has found more favor with the American public.
It's a shame because when it comes down to pure accuracy, the .222 wins hands down.
In mild conditions, my.222 HV can shoot right with my 6PPC LV, it takes a caliper to show the superiority of the PPC.
It remains my favorite gun to shoot.
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Actually the .222 Rem is very popular in Europe, more that the .223 infact due to quirks in legislation.

Even the .222 Rem Mag remains in use, and factory ammo for the Mag is available from Sako and Privi Partizan.

However for BR applications the 6mm BR Norma is very popular here.
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The .222 Remington is a great accuracy round, BUT the .223 Remington stole its thunder and lightning. Things develop and long-time favorites get buried, such is the powder and bullet industries. Don't get buried in what was, when the what is sizzles most accurately beyond . . . and consider the advancement in rifle scopes: things just get BETTER every year. 25-35s had their HEYDAY, as did .219 Zippers. Cliffy
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On a calm day a 222 will shoot rings around a 6ppc. The 6ppc is almost as acurate as a 222/
I'm sure some may disagree. But if you do to a 222 case chamber combination the same things you do with the ppc chamber combination . The 222 will beat it . I have seen Many many zero groups shot with the duce.
A little history goes with this as to the 223.
The 223 has the same powder capacity as the 222 1/2 that we played with .
That case was the 222mag with the neck pushed back and shortend. We filled it up with 4895 and it shot like the dickens. Later when remington was developing a case for the M16
They used that length with a shorter neck as per military spec. for ease of operation on full auto fire.
Wally hart won the IBS nationals with the 222Mag 2 years in a row also. That is a fine family of cartridges.
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I think I can round up a few shooters who will disagree with you about the 222 shooting rings around the 6PPC. If that's so, why don't I see any 222s on the line? Benchrest shooters are fickle and have no loyalty to anything that does not win. They'd switch back to the 222 in a heartbeat if it was even a little bit better than the PPC.

Your history of the 223 is also a little fuzzy. The 224 Springfield was Remington's entry in the trials for a small caliber military cartridge. The round was rejected by the Army and was later commercialized as the 222 Remington Magnum. The 223 was actually the design of Armalite who eventually sold the Ordnance Department on both the cartridge and the rifle (AR 15). Their cartridge was first known as the 222 Special.

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