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Hello everyone, my first post here.
I have a trued Rem 700 with a Walker Bros. (Walker Machine and Tool) that was built for me some time ago and shortly befor Dave Walkers death. It is a tight nect chamber with dies that he made as well. I have a large supply of the Walker Bullets in 22cal. 52 and 53 grain as well as 17 cal 25 grain bullets.
I have just got around to stocking this barreled action and just wanted to see if there were many people here interested in this cartridge. My preliminary shooting has been done with SMK 53 gr and 4895, BLC 2 and N201. Most of brass that I'm using right now is Sako that is fully prepped.
I realize that ther are plenty of far more consistant cartridges around but this one was done by my old friend Dave Walker and I learned much from him while being there when he did the work. My father had an afinity for this cartridge as well and I still have his old Rem 721 in 222 Mag.
Any load advice or any other words of wisdon would be greatly appreciated.
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Mark -

You have a great gun, there !

From memory.... powders to try in your Deuce Mag would be

H4895, VV133, H332, H335 and the like.

Back when guys were still shootin' .222s and Deuce Mags for benchrest. a lot of H5895 was being burned.

You might ask Sinclair's if they have a good contact number for Ron Pfieffer. Ron used to make great 53gr .224" calibre match-grade bullets, to the old Remington 52gr pattern.
He lived about 12mi from Sinclairs. No 52-53gr .224" bullets I tried could ever bet the Pfieffer's.

With regards,

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Try some H322 21.5grs.You can go up to 23.0 without any problems with a 205M primer works good for me with 53gr & 52gr Sierra's
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l had the best loads with 748 and Rem.71/2 52-53 gr.flat
base bullets.
good luck Jon.
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Another top powder of the day was IMR 4198.
Loads are in the sierra book. Wally hart shot 23.5 grs with a hart 52gr flat base. Berger bullets should shoot just fine in the weight range . 50 to 53 gr bullets.
Records were set in their day with the 4895 and 4198 with a 7 1/2 rem primer just missing or jumping a bit.
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Since a .222 Rem Magnum and a .223 Remington have a lot in common, stick with small rifle MAGNUM primers. DO NOT USE, so called, standard small rifle primers to avoid possible problems such as I initially encountered; A pierced primer, at maxy loads, is no joke. A magnum primer regarding small rifle primers has a .005" thicker cup thickness versus STANDARD, and is designed for MAGNUM loads, though NOT designated. .22 Hornet cartridges thrive on standard small rifle primers. All .243 Winchester and above loads use .027" thick cups. Get the picture? cliffy
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Primer thickness comparison:

I use Rem 7-1/2 for hot loads in 223 Rem, since I have them avail.

Steer away from fast powders to extend case life (primer pockets). I don't use anything faster than Vihtavuori N133 for 52gr bullets in 223. Occasionally I go faster with short (16"), suppressed barrels.

Sako factory ammo is loaded to approx. 222 Rem levels, and their brass may be a bit soft for full house loads (brass quality seems to wander). There's also drastic weight differences between lots (10+ grains).
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jthyttin: I've recently "re-discovered" the Rem. 7 1/2 primers. Blew 2 or 3 Fed 205 primers with a recommended load in my 6ppc, switched to the Rem 7 1/2 with their .025" cups, same load, and all is normal. As a bonus, with several powders, they are proving to be very accurate. Great article by James Calhoun.
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