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Looks like I might be getting a really good deal on a 22-250. The barrel is a 1 in 14 so the heaviest it will probably shoot is 55's. I have over a thousand 50 v-max that I'm not using and I already use Benchmark in my 223's.

Anyone using this combo? Looks like BM won't be the velocity load which is no big deal but Hodgdons site says it'll work.

How many rounds is average for barrel life assuming you don't overheat it?
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Should get about two thousand rounds down the tube before accuracy starts to suffer. Less if you heat the barrel to hot, more if you go slow and easy RANDY
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BobLeeSwagger223: "rewinder" is right on the money. I burned out several 22-250 barrels (Rem factory, Hart & Shilen stainless) at an average of 2350 documented ( I keep a log book on each rifle) rounds. At around 2K groups started opening up with unexplained wild shots, more copper fouling, and shortly after bullets began keyholing. All firing was single-shot and majority of loads were the traditional 38 grs. of H380 with 50 to 53 gr. bullets. The chamber/throat sections of the take-off barrels were sectioned, and yes, they were really ugly: like the inside of a sewer pipe.
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BobLee -

Howdy !

Benchmark is too fasta burn rate for practical use in a 22-250.

For use w/ bullets like 55gr, you might wanna try WW760, H414,
VV160. For 60s, IMR 4350. These will give highest load density
( higher than Varget, IMR4007 etc ), with your best chance for reduced flame temps & longer barrel life. I also used FED LR Magnum Match primers.

I shot my 22-35 wildcat ( .35 Rem necked down to .224" calibre ) 1-14 24" SS Hart 5 groove to over 3,200 rounds...
before the first bullet ever keyholed. I shot WW760 almost exclusively. And then, I had the barrel cryo'd @ 2,000+ shot point ( based on a recommendation from a cryo outfit ).
That was a mistake, as bore scope showed throat had chunked-out hole pieces of metal.

My point: That 1-14 barrel might have gone even farther than 3,200 rounds w/o keyholing, had I not cryo'd so late in the
barrel's life.

Best of luck in your endeavors.

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357Mag: I'm not saying it does not work, just my experience. The Hart 1-14 had been cyro treated (300 below zero/Ohio), and it was toast, at close to the same number of fired rounds as the Rem. chrome moly and the Shilen stainless, both "untreated". I also could never see a difference in accuracy ( they were all accurate), or degree of cleaning required: they were all easy to clean, 'til the serious firecracking began. I now think of a barrel as an expendable item, like bullets, primers & powder, and it is what it is. Kind of nice though, when you re-barrel, you are, in effect, getting a new rifle. Note to BobLee: You might want to consider checking out the condition of the bore (with a borescope) before purchasing.
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Thanks for all the help! I already have a 22-250 die set because I owned a Rem varmint years ago and I'm also thinking if/when the barrel gives up 260 or 7-08 might be fun to try. I'm trying to get the rifle for what the action/stock would be worth to me

Thanks for all the help!
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