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I have a 22-250 with a 1:80twist 28" Pac Nor shooting 80gr SMK's for long range pd's. Currently using Rem brass that has been wt sorted. Which would be the best brass to use? Choice would be Norma or Nosler. Anyone forming 6.5x47 Lapua to 22-250 and if so what dies and how well does it work? Thanks for any help.
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John: I know you mentioned the 3 brands of brass, specifically, but if Winchester 22-250 is available, you may want to give it a try. I recently bought a bag of 100, at Gander Mtn., and it is some of the highest quality brass I have, every bit as good as my Lapua in 6ppc, BR, 222 Rem. etc. Recently reloaded another batch of 40, 5 time reloaded now, and loaded round runouts, measured w/ the Sinclair dial indicator gage, are at a maximum of .002", measured at the bullet ogive point-of-contact with the leade. The majority of those 40 rounds were at .001" and less. Primer pockets remain tight, neck wall thicknesses are very uniform, varying by approx. one half of one thousandth: all being far beyond what I expected. Lot# is 2BD10. Note to the above: if my wording confused someone: the 6ppc started out, of course, as 220 Russian.
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Winchester is what I use. It typically has greater internal case capacity than R-P brass.
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Winchester brass is all you need.

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I've used Nosler, Federal and Hornady for .22-250. Nosler was nice out of the box, whereas the Federal and Hornady needed a lot of work to clean up and make uniform.

I've read that the Nosler is Federal that has been prepped by Nosler, but I've seen Nosler headstamp in the Norma brochure.

The Hornady flash holes were the nastiest I've seen in any brass. The necks were pretty thick as well.
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I recently purchased 500 Winchester 22-250 cases. When sorted, ~50% (256) were within .7 grain. Some mouths and shoulders were dented and one case had a neck crease, making it unusable. Flash holes were not bad for punched holes and my pocket uniformer removed a little from every case. I turned the necks to .013 wall and all but one cleaned completely. The water capacity (after firing) averaged 45.3 grains. In my 40X, 38.0 grains Varget and a Nosler 50g BalTip has been shooting in the .3s at 3886 average.

Given the price ($170/500 from Powder Valley), I am very pleased with the cases. My experience is that Winchester cases are second only to Lapua for longevity. I anneal cases every three firings and typically get 15-20 reloads before seeing some primer pocket loosening.
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My Winchester brass is shooting just as good as my Norma 22-250 brass or better. Cleaned up flash holes. I have found some with deformities, but the price is right so I bought 500.
Reply with quote  #8 think if the rumors are correct I'll just wait till Jan 2010
for the Lapua stuff.Thats if I can wait that long.

If you'd like to see a pic of some cases check Steve B's
post on Steve has made my week and I could'nt help but tell my friends here.Certainly hope I'm not overstepping any bounds or spilling any beans.

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