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I have some questions using heavier 60-65gr bullets in a factory Remington VL SS Thumb hole gun with a 1-12" twist rate. I have read that you can go as heavy as 65gr bullets with a 1-12" twist but will the barrel really stabilize these Or should I be using nothing heavier than a 55gr bullet? What bullet selection would you use? Thanks again.
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you can go light 60s.the 5.56 SS109 is longer with its steel core that needs a faster twist like a might be able to go 65gr but my gun doesnt.
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Asscott4: Along with bullet weight, overall length needs to be considered also. My factory Rem. 700 22-250 with the usual 1-14 twist would not stabilize the 55 gr. V-Max, at an overall length of .815". 5 shot groups at 200 were "good", but 53 & lighter gr. were much better. Then tried the 55 gr. Sierra h.p. "Gameking", #1390, at an overall length of .715", a full 1/10 of an inch shorter than the 55 V-Max, and the groups are outstanding: my "standard" bullet for my 22-250 now. As a bonus, because of the more "rounded" shape of the ogive, I'm able to seat to touch, and still have the base of the seated bullet 2/3 of the way into the case neck. As with anything, when you're approaching the limits, load 10 or 15 samples of each and do a side-by-side comparison, and you'll learn what your rifle "prefers".
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Cool cool. What grain of bullets/brands would you try? I have been trying to find a load that this rifle likes but I cannot seem to find it! This has been the hardest gun/cartridge to load for in my mind. I mean maybe I got lucky with my other rifles but it didnt seem to take this long to find it's "sweet load". I would really appreciate the pointers on what to try and what not to try. Thanks again.
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Ruger Model 77 Mark II w/ 1-in-12", .223 Remington, twist handles 60 grain Nosler Partitions perfectly, and that's the heaviest bullets I care about regarding deer and pig hunting. Alliant Reloder 10x powder propels these deadly missles quite well as if on a mission of destruction. Barnes 53 grain TSX bullets claim adequate deer vengeance, so this is my newest venue of experimentation: no proven results to date. Nosler Partitions will knock the snot out of some pretty BIG adversaries. Topping the MASTER, "PARTITION," would be quite a feat in .22 Centerfire application, me thinks. Cliffy
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Heh right on. I was looking more along the lines of match bullets or heavy Pd bullets. I dont know how well a partition would work on a PD since its supposed to retain its wieght lol. So you take deer with your .223? Thats pretty cool. I would never have thought to use a .22 cal for game of that size but hey if it will do the job then why not right? Hey what is your accuracy for those loads? Thanks again.
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Actually, I detest .223 Remingtons for Deer Hunting in general! BUT since they are legal in many states for Deer Pursuit, I offer positive loads for good-shooters with .22 Centerfires wanting to shoot-at deer. I use a .243 Winchester, that kicks lightly, and REALLY puts-down a deer with my moxy loads! Still, I must admit that a sixty-grain .224" diameter Partition bullet has all the necessary moxy to drop a deer within 100 YARDS with a proper hit. My major beef lies with 55 grain .22 caliber or less VARMINT bullets used to attempt to kill grand animals with shallow flesh wounds designed to cleanly kill woodchuck! Frangible Bullets and Deer Hunting don't MIX. ASK and I'll GLADLY suggest a suitable DEER LOAD in .22 centerfire caliber. Just MENTION in detail what your firearm IS, so I don't suggest some load over-powering your firearm!
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hello,I would try the 55's or the 60's in the NBT's.the 55's shoot really well in my 223 with a 1:12 with 27.5g of varget,and 450 CCI primers.Note its compressed.the 60's should shoot as good.
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