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i'm wanting to put together an ar15 and have pretty much set my mind on the 6.8, but am contemplating about getting a fast twist barrel in .223. performance wise on up to deer size game which do you guys think would be better? i also don't know if i'll run into feeding/mag issues with the heaiver .224 bullets.
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I shoot 69 gr SMK's and 75 gr Hornady BTHP's in my 223 with 1-9, both very accurate. If you go to the 80's and above you will need a faster twist and usually single load it. For the 6.8, try a Stag Arms upper.
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yeah, i was thinking about a 1-7 or 1-8 for .223, but since i am considering using on deer than maybe 6.8 spc would be a better option. do you know of a good place where i can get a stag upper, maybe a little cheaper?
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just how fare are you going to be shooting.223 will work out to 200yrds with 75- 80 grain bullets.and thats body or head shots.anything after that go will have a better bullet weight choice,and the 308 should still do good out to 400-500yrds.just my opinion.
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AR's feed heavy 75-77gr bullets fine. I'm not a avid hunter,but, I think any 223 is a little lite for a deer rifle. The 6.8 is probably an acceptable cartridge for deer, but, not much else IMHO. You might think about the 6mmAR or the 6WOA. An AR chambered in either of them would make a good target, varmint and ok deer rifle.

Just my 0.02.
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proly 200-250yrds max. i'm kinda favoring the 6.8 right now since i can stretch it out jst a little further if i need to(300yrds). i'm looking for a gun that can do the same job or better than a 44mag carbine, 7.62x39, .223, & 30-30. the 6.8 seems to fit the bill.

the only reason i was considering heavier bullets in .233 is simply cuz i already have brass and dies.

does anyone have opinions on what brand upper i should get? also does anyone know if the chambers in these uppers are spec II? right now i'm considering stag, rra & dpms(in that order). the stag seems to be the only one in my price range that has the 1-11" twist i'm after.
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from what i've gathered so far(bits & pieces from various places) all uppers in 6.8 spc that i've mentioned should have the spec II chamber. the faster 1-10" twist supposidly doesn't have any advantadge over 1-11". however the 1-11" should allow up to a 75fps increase in velocity. i'm jst thinking that the 1-11; will handle 90-115gr bullets better and be able to push them faster if someone wanted to. so nothing too significant and i proly won't load them that hot anyways. so as of this moment i am now more interested in the stag 5h upper. if anyone has any opinions on any of these uppers i would really like to hear them. i've seen lots of pics of large texas hogs taken with the 6.8 and so that only makes me want one more. even though i'm confident a well constructed heavier grain .223 bullet will do the trick, why risk it.
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My Suggestion would be use a AR10 action chambered in 243, 260, 7MM/08, 308, 338 federal, or 358.

Just my two cents worth..

Nat Lambeth
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