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I'm using AA2230 for 36gr VG loaded to 2.25 COL. Barnes suggests 2.19 COL. These bullets are very hollow, and are pretty close in size to many 50gr bullets.

Benchmark and R10x will work as well. 3650fps is common velocity for the 36gr. You can pump them up for more fps, but haven't seen accuracy getting better than around the 3650fps mark in .223.
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I don't hunt or shoot varmints but I thought the same thing when I first read about varmint grenades. How can something that basically dissappears when it hits a grape kill an animal humanely? Sounds like you saw just that - the bullet disintegrating on the animals fur. Not particularly humane I would have thought...
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Best I did with AA 2230 and 36gr VG was .7in group @ 100 yards. My worst combo yet in my 1:9 AR.
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Here is my experience,

I shoot a Rem 700 vlss thumbhole in 204, I love the 204. Anyway, I've loaded both 32 and 40 grain Vmax bullets as well as 26gr VG.

Results: Both Vmax bullets make the PD explode as if it had swallowed a lit stick of dynamite. The 32's go about 4000 fps and the 40's 3700. I cannot tell much of a difference in damage but now shoot solely the 40's for better ballistics and since I tend to shoot the occasional yote.

As for the VG. I had no issue with wounded animals. I did have an issue though with accuracy (which fixed itself with the second box of bullets). The VG gave a small entrance hole (about .204" in diameter) but a quite large exit. Instead of blowing the PD up, it blew a fist sized hole in the opposite side and it didn't matter whether it was 50 yards or 250 yards away. Also shot a jackrabbit and had the same result. My thoughts are that since the diameter of the hollow point on the 204 VG is so small it is not able to explode like the video shows of the larger bullet on the grape. It does disintegrate, but the momentum in carried forward creating the larger exit hole, rather than outward which would create an explosion.

I only use the Vmax now since most of the fun come from watching the explosions and flips. I wish I could post the velocity of the VG, but my chrono didn't measure it. I'm guessing somewhere in the 4400 fps range.
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36 Grain Grenade Varminters are predictable in flight, whilst 50 grainers are NOT, regarding spin factor. Regarding .223 Remington loads, watch the recommended twist recommendation closely. 36 grainers work well in 1-in-12" twist barrels. 50 grainers require 1-in-10" twist or tighter (1-in-9") for effective usage far down-range. .223 Remington loads are a sensitive lot.
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