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Looking for load suggestions for .223 Rem using the Barnes Varmint Grenade bullets in both 36 and 50 grains. My Barnes manual does not list these yet...Thanks,
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I have been kicking around ordering some of these because i live in the lead ban area. Ive seen alot of reviews epically with the 50s that they just would not shoot. I really would not bother with them unless you have to and have a fast twist barrel.
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I have some 1-8" AR uppers that should shoot them fine. I have been told they need a fast twist for their weight. I'll let you know how they do...
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50 grain Barnes Varmint Grenades blew through primers with 25.3 grains of Alliant Reloder 10x powder at 3590 fps. This is apparently TOO MUCH horsepower! I shall retry at 25.0 grains! I'll readdress this subject shortly. For now, I'll clear my bolt of crud. TOO MUCH ain't necessarily a good thing. I experiment to determine when too much is TOO MUCH. cliffy
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I had the same issue finding data for the 26 grainers in 20 caliber. My solution was a SWAG by taking the data for a few powders that I had on hand and plotting min and max charge weight vs. bullet weight.

This gave me several curves to interpolate down to 26 grains.

A little linear interpolation gave me a window of min and max for each powder to look at.

I loaded a ladder test for it and shot them. No issues, took about 10 rounds to find the max since it's not perfect and I was actually able to shoot a little hotter than I predicted.

Excel is your friend.
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Just go to Barnes' website. They have loads for both bullets.
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I tried the 36 grain varmint grenade in a Savage Model 12 (26 inch barrel)

36 Barnes VG, RL10x 24.6, F205M, Hornady brass 3653 fps. Shot in the high .3's
36 Barnes VG, RL10x 25.3, F205M, Hornady brass, 3709 fps. Shot in the 0.5's.

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Here's a quick update, as I just got back from ND shooting dogs last week. I loaded 26gr of H335 under a 50gr VG (RRA A4 1-8"), and 27gr of H335 under a 36gr VG (Ruger HVT). Both loads shot way less than .75 MOA without any work, so I thought I was good to go.

Wow, what a disappointment. I shot about 600 rounds in two days. I'm a fan of Barnes, but what a bunch of misleading marketing. Nearly every dog hit, from 50 yds. to 300+ crawled into it's hole, or ran around in a death dance, or flopped around for a while before dying. My buddy shot Nosler BT's and bargain Winchester HP's and had obvious instantaneous kills, most of them very dramatic. The dogs I found were devoid of hide at the hit, but very little tissue damge, and none or very little penetration except on soft tissue (guts). Forget head shots. I had just as much terminal performance from cheap CCI Blazer 22LR ammo out of my 10-22 out to 100 yds. as I did with the Barnes Varmint Grenades.

Am I alone? I'm going to give the rest to the kids to blast away with so I can reload with V-Max and Bergers fro a second attempt to redeem my reputation.
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