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I did a forum search and found very little load data for the high BC 90gr bullets.

The 90gr long range, high BC bullets have been around for a while now and I was hoping someone might be able to post some load data.

I am curious about what velocity and accuracy can be achieved with the 90 grainers and if they perform better than the widely used 80gr bullets.
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Lots of load data on, and probably some on

The short version... the .223 Rem lacks the punch to push them fast enough to make it worth the effort over a good 80gr load. It can push them, and they will fly (though a lot of them blew up early on too), but the benefit realized down range on target ain't much (1/2 moa or so, if that). Thats the synopsis of what I read as well as saw trying them out of a 20" AR Service Rifle.

Jerry Tierney did some testing recently with long-barreled .223 Rem, since its now a legal Palma cartridge in the US. I don't recall specifically how the 90gr bullets fared, but you can probably find the thread easy enough on - it was in the last couple weeks I think.


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Barnard Action 223 Palma Rifle completed on May 5, 2009
Krieger barrel 32” 7.7 Twist.

June 23, 2009 Sacramento 100 yard chronograph testing, Temperature = 72 to 75 degrees.
Bullet --- Powder --- Charge --- MV --- ES --- SD --- Group size --- Comments

B90VLD –RL15 – 24.3 ------ 2892 ---- 29 --- 11 ----- 0.571” ------- in 10
B90VLD –RL15 – 24.3 ------ 2881 ---- 30 --- 14 ----- 0.471” ------- jump 20
B90VLD –RL15 – 24.3 ------ 2879 ---- 13 --- 05 ----- 0.642” ------- jump 40
B90VLD –RL15 – 24.3 ------ 2878 ---- 28 --- 12 ----- 0.430” ------- jump 60
B90VLD –RL15 – 24.3 ------ 2874 ---- 28 --- 11 ----- 0.648” ------- jump 80
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Savage LRPV 1-7" twist. Tried the 90 gr. Berger, but it did not shoot as well as the 80 gr. VLD. Don't remember my load.
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Thanks for the input!

Here's my plan, buy a 32" Krieger barrel in 7 twist and attach to my Barnard action. I had a reamer made by PT&G with 0.085" freebore for the 80gr Amax's that I currently shoot. The 90gr Sierra bullets at 1.171" long are almost the same length as the 80gr Amax at 1.162". I'm hoping the chamber will suit both.

From what I have seen of JERRYHM's post I will need about 24.5gr of Varget to be at approx 2900fps. At 2900fps with the much better BC of the 90gr bullet I should have a good f-class rifle for 300-600yd matches. Thats providing the accuracy is as good as the 80gr Amax bullets I currently use in my 30", 8 twist barrel. For the longer ranges of 700-1000yd I'll use the 6.5x47L.

When the barrel turns up I will start the load testing. I might even run a few through my current 8 twist barrel just to get some idea of velocity and max loads.

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I would not use a barrel length over 30" for the 223. When I cut the barrel from 32 to 30 inches some loads increased in MV.

Summary after cutting barrel from 32” to 30” and to 28”
19 five shot groups for each length.

MV average
32” --------- 30” ---------28”
2989 ------- 2983 ------- 2963

ES average
32” --------- 30” ---------28”
25 ---------- 23 ---------- 30

Group size average
32” --------- 30” ---------28”
0.539” ----- 0.501” ----- 0.502”
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Originally Posted by ThunderDownUnder
Thanks for the input! a 32" Krieger barrel in 7 twist

You'll do much better with a 1:6 twist if you plan to use the 90 gr bullets; they are barely stable from a 1:7 on a warm day, and will be unstable at low temperatures. A 1:6.5 will work, but the stability factor is still low.
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A 6 twist? You got to be kidding.
I think the problem that shooters have in getting the 90 grain bullets to shoot in a 223 is that they are spinning them too fast.
I have NO problem getting the Berger 90 VLDs and BTs to stabilize in a 7.7 twist, 50 degrees and elevation of 200'. I have gotten the 15 shots (Palma irons) sub X ring elevation at 1000 yards.
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