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I completed load testing with the 80gr Amax bullets in my 8 twist barrel and couldn't resist putting a few more 90gr MKs thru as well.

90gr Sierra MKs (pointed) with 25.2gr of Varget has bumped the velocity up to 2800fps and the 3 shot group at 100yds was 0.23 moa. Thats it for testing till I get my 7 twist barrel chambered. When the barrel turns up I'll up the load to 25.5gr of Varget and see how it goes. Its one accurate bullet and might be like a mini 6BR if the velocity can get into the 2850-2900fps region.
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Good report so far Im glad your keeping us posted. What kind of ES and SD are you getting with the SMK..

.23 MOA looks promising, Id like to see a 10 or 15 shot group to see if it holds good accuracy and ES as the barrel and chamber heat up.

I may have missed the post but what is the type of shooting this rifle is intended to do? Target rifle Fullbore? Benchrest? or just for fun paper punchin.

Cant wait to see if your results mirror Jerry's with the 1:7

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Russ, I going to use it in f-class. The Amax 80gr will be used in f-std (restricted to 308W, 155gr and 223R, 80gr)and the 90gr MKs I'll use in f-open (unrestricted caliber upto 8mm)out to 500yds.

ES 14, SD 7.6, for the 3 shot group I shot, not much data collected yet.

It all depends on how well the Sierra's shoot if I will use it in f-open. Interestingly a 7 twist barrel on paper appears to be a better proposition than the 8 twist even with the 80gr Amax. The Amax being a VLD type bullet is quite long and while the 8 twist does the job, maybe the 7 will do it just as well or better. I'll know soon enough!

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Have you seen this five shot group on the 600 yard Bench Rest target. It was shot with the 80 grain amax bullets, the amax is grouping the best of the 80 grain bullets I've shot. Had a Nightforce scope and front block on the prone rifle to shoot bench rest. The X ring is about 1.2 inches.

Jerry Tierney

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Jerry, thats a very nice group at 600yds! How large in moa is the 10 ring on the targets you use. In Australia we are using 1/2 moa for our centers in f-class.

I like the Amax 80 grainers and prefer them over the 308W 155gr bullets shot in f-std down under. I am not pushing them at 3058fps like listed on the target image you posted but at around 2960fps.

I'm curious to see if the 90gr Sierras can match or better the 80gr Amax and there is only one way to find out. My current chamber for the Amax suits the Sierras just as nicely so it wont cost me anything but a few loads in the new barrel when I get it to find out the answer.


This is the reamer I use!

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I just cant wait to get my new barrel for the 22BRX- it will be a 7 twist to shoot the 90gr SMK's as well. I have been doubting they will stabilise, but after reading this and seeing its possible with a 223, then I know with my extra velocity, I will have no problems with it.

Going to be interesting putting it up against the 6BR's and 107SMK's out to 1000.
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I have been shooting a 22Br 1 in 7 Kreiger #17 contour with 90 grain Berger VLD's against the 6mmBR's and it will stay with or beat them. I haven't been pushing them too hard preferring to just match the 6mmBR velocity and use the bullets increased BC to my advantage. H4350 seems to be the powder to use with CCI450's. We been using the new IFRA target with the 34 mm V ring and the 22 BR will clean this target in windy conditions. Now I am trying the 90 VLD's in my 223 Rem with a Wydle chamber with mixed results. Velocity runs about 2780 fps in the 223 using H4350. Be careful using a 1 in 7 twist with 1 in 8 twist loads. Pressure seems to come up really fast. Steve
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I looked at the NRA rulebook and found NOTHING that limits the weight of the bullets used in an F/TR class rifle.

Where did you get the idea that the 223 is limited to 80 grains or that the 308 is limited to 155 grains?

Or are you posting from Canada or Australia?

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