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The .221 Fireball was designed for a "bolt action hand gun".
The Remington XP 100. Had one with a factory 10" barrel and it was in fact a "fireball". Switched to a 15" barrel and could hit steel at 300 yards with no problem.
Changed that to a 24" barrel and put the action in a rifle stock. A real shooter. No recoil to speak of and deadly accurate.
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Please share your info with me. I have a preban Hbar colt. It is marked Sporter 223. Is this chambered for the Remington 223 or the 5.56. I understand that they are not the exact same. I have heard that military brass can cause excessive pressure in a Remington 223. Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day.
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DanK: Just a thought: I cannot speak for anyone elses' 22BR, but mine must be loaded to very close to the top of the limits to perform. If powder is not at least touching the base of the seated bullet, group sizes will increase. I had to keep increasing powder 'til I started to get the beginning signs of high pressure ( hard bolt lift, cratered primers), then I backed off 1/2 grain, and that is my consistant accuracy load. There is certainly nothing "quiet" about my 22BR when fired: seems a little louder than my 223s'. 24" Shilen, 1-12, .251" neck, Lapua, Fed. 205.
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Hi Frank how have you been... I was afraid of that. I read that also about the 22br going to almost max load to shoot really well. I also have to think about the report also, since I don't use ear protection when I hunt. Yes, I know that I should wear ear protection in the woods. (I just said that because I know someone is going to tell me I always should wear ear protection.) That's the other reason for a milder report. I don't like my ears to ring.

So it looks like I should be looking at the 223 again or the 221 fireball. I have been reading a lot about the fireball on the varmint forums,, and the guys say that its not that loud in a 18 to 20 inch barrel. But I did find out one problem with the fireball that people where complaining about, is that the primer falling out of the pockets. This probably happens when they reach max loads. I don't know for sure though.

Will your 223 ring your ears when your out in the woods? I Know it will at the range. But I have never heard one out in the open. Well I take that back, I have but don't remember
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DanK: Yes, the 221 Fireball is a great little round. Never had one, but several friends do, and I've kicked around the idea of having one of my Sako L-46s' "converted". The "fly-in-the-ointment", at least as I see it, is the requirement (?) that Remington brass be used: at the bottom of my list of favorite brass. With some degree of work, I guess they could be formed from Lapua 222Rem. As to ringing in the ears, can't comment on that. When firing, in field conditions, I use the Mine Safety Appliance foam squeeze down ear plugs with a 29 decibel rating. Honeycomb package of 60 pairs from Home Depot, for approx. $13 You have set some hard to fulfill requirements, sorta like "you can't have your cake and eat it too".
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If you go with the 22BR I wouldn't worry too much about a 20" barrel. I have a Tikka master sporter in 22BR with a 20" barrel. With a 9 twist it loves the 69 and 75 grain bullets. But, the other comment is right about powder amount, I am loading close to the max powder to get the best accuracy.

You may want to look at the 22 Hornet, K Hornet or other older 22s since you are going to having the barrel chambered anyway.

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if your worried about brass failure maybe look at the 222Rem. little bit less case capacity which should add up to less noise but you also have the choice to use great lapua brass.
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7stw makes a good point, 221 FB brass has infrequent production runs and therefore you have to plan far ahead.
222 brass however, is produced by Rem., Win., Lapua, RWS, and Norma.
The 222 was the cartridge of choice of the Benchrest game in the 60's and early '70's (or at least a close cousin, 222 1/2 etc.
If guy's are loading cartridges that hot (loose primer pockets), then it's time to discard the brass......everything comes at a price.
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