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OK.. I live in a rural area. I need a .224 caliber that has to be fairly quiet. (cannot have silencers in Mich). It has to shoot like a laser out to 250yards. I would like it to be in a 16 or 20 barrel. 223s are to loud.

I would be hunting with the gun and taking it to the range with my buddies for informal shooting. So it needs to shoot at least 2s and 3s. What are some good options for me.

I'm thinking something like half as loud as a 223 or close.
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there is no such cartridge to perform with-in all the parameters you have set.
The best suggestion I can offer is a reduced loaded .221 Fireball, 22 hornet, or 17 HMR.
However, they ain't gonna be lazers, and the 2's and 3's criteria might be met inside 50 yards.
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That's what I have been thinking about, a 221 fireball, or the 22br might work at its lowest end. I have been reading up on the 221 fireball and everyone that has one, loves it. I have not found one negative post on it, for what it was designed for dime size groups are OK with me, but as long as they don't get bigger than that with a custom barrel.

Same for the 22br.. I was thinking if I found an accuracy load that was at its lower spectrum of the table, it would be as quiet as the 221 fireball.. Don't know for sure, since I don't know anyone how has one. The only negative thing I can think of about the 22br is making your own cases out of a 6mmbr.

I might have to think about this a little more.
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Dan, when it comes to forming a round from another parent case, it just doesn't get any easier than the 22BR round. Just take the 6BR case and neck it down, and load it and shoot it. No other changes are needed. I have 3 of themn and it's quite a neat cartridge. Hope this is helpful. Ron
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OK.. I have finally made a decision.. Its going to be a 22br. Now, since I don't have dies or anything yet, how do I go about to ordering a barrel?

I am planning on getting a Savage target action or a drop port Acton,that's the easy part.

Any good gunsmiths in Michigan that can chamber,thread, and Install on action if I go drop port. Also what size chamber should I get? I really don't want to trim cases but if it makes it noticeably more accurate, then I will.
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You have apparently made a concession in the noise requirement, as the 22 br will be louder than a 223 (burns about 25% more powder)....but it will have laser-like trajectory.
Your short barrel requirement, I hope will also be a 22 BR with a 16-20 barrel doesn't make much sense.
Anyway, BEFORE buying anything, seek out a good gunsmith, tell him your design parameters, and go with his advice.
Also, be patient as the good builders will take several months to deliver.
This will be a big investment, so be sure this is what you want.
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Lamar.. Alot of things I do don't make sense Based on the info in the Hornady book, I was comparing velocities between 22Br,221 fireball, and 223. This is what I came up with.

223 shooting a 55gr bullet lowest fps load was 2800fps
22br shooting 55gr bullet lowest fps load was 2600fps
221 fireball 55gr bullet lowest fps load was 2500fps

As you said I will not get what I want in those parameters. So since I would rather have the best accuracy available to me, I chose the 22br, thinking I could use a reduced loads. And If I ever wanted more speed, it would be available to me easy. Since the 22br was made for a handgun I thought that would work out well with a 16 or 20 barrel.

So by me looking at the speeds I thought that the 22br would be a little quieter. I like the shorter barrels because they are handy and not cobblesome for hunting. I Also thought that the 22br would shoot great out of a shorter barrel since in was made for a handgun of 14 to 15 inches.

I don't know Maybe I should looking at the Fireball again.
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one thing you have to worry about with going to that short barrel like that is just the fact that you wont be able to burn all your powder resulting in a massive flash and alot of noise
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