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Hi guys, I am going to be rechambering a vssf fron 22-250 to 22br and I am wondering if there is much to be gained from having the 22brx? I will only be shooting 50gn vmax. Initially I wanted to rebarrel and shoot the 75 amax with a 1-7 tw but I think my funds are going to run out.
Will the 22brx shorten my barrel life by much more combared to the 22br?
Thanks for your imput.
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A brx wont change the barre life much IMO, from a standard 22BR. Depends if you want to load up light bullets really fast or shoot mid range bullets.

My 1:10 twist BRX wont shoot 50gr ballistic tips- it spins jackets off. You will need to have a 14 twist to do that. And with 50gr bullets you will be better served by a standard BR i think. Velocities will be the same as a 22-250, you will get better barrel life and the accuracy to boot. I only went the BRX to get a bit more for driving the heavier pills. I have varmint loads with 55gr nosler BT's that I have taken up to 3800fps but im going to a faster powder for the light bullets and backing off to around the 3600fps mark. There is only so much you can kill a varmint and why ruin a good barrel by pushing loads. It shoots 69gr nosler match bullets at 3364fps into the same hole and drops varmints very well too, but i get alot of punch throughs and run offs at longer ranges on larger vermin.

Also you would no doubt have a shorter barrel than the stock 26" after rechambering, so definitely take a look at the standard 22BR. Make sure the reamer is suited to lighter bullets or you will be jumping them a long way.
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thanks brady, had been looking at the 6mmbrx and 22brx and it dawned on me why? Fireforming cases for what? If there is a big advantage in it I will do it, but like I said for 50 gr pills it probably isnt worth it. My 22-250 has had about 2500-3000 through it now so my barrel is probably about shagged anyway.
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Barrel life will depend on the volume of powder in each case and the heat that powder generates.

Have a play here and see,

i found that reducing a load from 32gr to 28gr of N150 increased accurate life by about 30%. The loss of 200fps is not a big deal at the ranges I normally shoot at.

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I would do a 22BR. I just got a 6BRX 14tw together and it only get 150f/s over a 6BR shooting the same bullet. the best accuracy is only 75 f/s over my 6BR, so that is where I am going to shoot it.

Mark Schronce
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thanks for the feedback, I think I will just stick with the 22br for the moment and maybe re-assess when my barrel is worn out.
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