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Planning a new build.
Bench fun and Bench dogs
Trued Rem
30" med Palma contour Krieger 1-9"
Main bullet 70gr Berger VLD
Now the questions.
Velocity ball park with the 30" - anyone running this?
I know about 40fps/" but real #'s if you know.
Still want to run 52 grainers from time to time.
Has a 9 twist givin anyone problems with lighter pills?
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22BRX 1:10 twist lilja spins jackets off 50gr ballistic tips if that helps.

69gr nosler custom competition HPBT's shoot very well out of mine as well. Im shooting them at 3364fps with 31.8gr of varget, CCI benchrest primers and lapua brass.
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You might try a buttoned rifled barrel for the 52's. that MIGHT help not to spin jackets of like a cut rifled barrel will. This is what i have been told, I have no proof! Lee
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You don't say what kind of distances you'll be shooting. But before planning a rifle around that Berger VLD, find out how explosive they are on small things that dig. Drilling holes in paper is fine but you don't want to be just drilling holes through a pd.

The BR case uses a max of about 32-33gr powder. A 30" barrel isn't necessary with that cartridge. It won't give substantially more than a 26" barrel....the difference won't be 40fps/inch. Slower twists have a larger accuracy window and are more forgiving of loads. Getting my 14twist 22BR to shoot was just stupid easy. It likes just about everything I've tried and the accurate velocity range is very wide. Top velocity with 50's is right there with a 22-250. I personally wouldn't go with such a fast twist or be shooting such heavy bullets.

Spinning a bullet with too light a jacket, too fast, will make it come apart. With your Krieger match barrel or some other match barrel, cut or buttoned rifling has nothing to do with it. That's not something "...I have been told..."
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750 (if thats your name? )

Thats a odd combination for a bench style rifle? 30" Palma Countour in a 1:9 twist. I would have to concur with Mr Ackman that a shorter barrel in the 26" area or even shorter would be a better choice for the exact same reasons he mentions + it would be cheaper to get the standard length. Now if you were going to shoot NRA prone and put a globe front sight on the rifle and Micrometer rear I could see your choice of barrel length and Countor, this would give you a better sight radius for ligning up those iron sights. Not so much for velocity but for sight picture. But then your choice of twist rate would not be conducive to shooting the wind bucking big bullets like the 80's and 90's shot at 600 and 1000 yards.
30" barrel for your application would minimal returns for the cost involved. You have plenty of horse power with the great cartridge you picked.

1:9 twist in the 22BR will stabalize Bergers 75grVLD's and possably the 80's for the long shots. Prarie Dogs die real easy so just about anything will work.(sorry ackman) You will not get the exposive results of the VLD's that you get with the balistic Tip and V max bullets non the less.

Also Concure with Mr Ackman that alot of RPM's on a thin jacket varmint bullet plus the speed you get out of a 22BR could expose a catstrofic failure of the core and jacket of the light bullets.

There is NO difrence between bullet failure of Cut rifled barrels and button rifled barrels as I have seen a first hand study of approx. 20 223 barrels shooting 90gr bullets in a 6.5 twist. Zero corolation. Yes twenty barrels.

I dont concure with the "wider accuacy window" of the slower twist rate over the faster twist rate. My personal observations is that it has more to do with barrel harmonics and cartridge effeicancy than twist rate. Again that is Just my opinion and is worth about as much as a cup of coffee.

I think you may be asking alot of the 22BR to shoot all the bullets your looking at. Its surley possable but dont be suprised if it does not. Again thats just my opinion. You have picked a fantastic accurate cartridge and for sure have alot of fun with it.

If it was me I would revaluate my Barrel length and countour and stay with the 1:9 twist and try to shoot the 60-80 grain class bullets.

Good Luck
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