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I picked up a Hall actioned 22BR out of an estate sale a couple weeks ago, took it to the range today to ring it out. Man this thing shoots good! Shot sub MOA at 100 and 200 yards. Best group at 100 was a .336" at the largest. 200 yard measured 1.19 center 2 center. Rang all the gongs 300-600yd.I'm not a real paper puncher. I will use it mostly for PD's and GS's. I think I found a keeper.
The rifle came with 200 rounds (rem brass) of loaded ammo with the recipe on the boxes. And 100 rounds of once fired brass plus the dies. At least I now his loads shoot well.

I was told it was a Lilja barrel but it has no makers mark. 24 1/2", 14 twist, 246 neck and Shilen trigger. I mounted a Pentax 6-24x50 scope. Rifle sports a MPI thumb hole bench rest stock in a shockingly ugly putty poo brown.

Here's some pics.

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CooperNV: Looks like a "winner", and you're going to like the 22BR. Mine was chambered on a Shilen 22-250, 1-12 twist, set the barrel back & re-cut the chamber with a .251" neck. Does everything I need it to do, with a longer barrel life, and smaller groups than I could get with the 22-250s' I've had over the years. When you are ready to replace brass, get some Lapua 6BR. Have a 22ppc also, but prefer the 22BR. Enjoy.
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I figured on Lapua, I have a couple hundred rounds of 6mmBR Lapua brass already. I am building a 6BR, waiting on a barrel. It should be in soon. My cousin found this rifle in WY. I had to jump on it as the price was really right, paid about what the action is worth. Rolled the dice and it appears that I won this time.
I better order some more brass to have on hand.
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CooperNV: PM sent
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Hi lil thing....measure the fired case head at the .200" line---make shure the new "larger" and longer..(1.560 vs 1.520) Lapua breass will go in your looks like an "older" gun and well made....BUTTTT ...lost of the guns from that era were of the old style Remington version of BR...I am not saying that there is anything wrong with the gun....just may be differnt that what we are building to day with the new version "Lapua" brass.....chek it out ....I have shot these versions since the 70's ...they work great ...just gootta use the right brass ...Roger
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So long dog pooh brown. Painted the stock yesterday. Turned out pretty good.

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Looks super nice! You did good on that one for sure. I love the 6BR and 22BR, they are awesome cartrdiges.
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Thanks, the 22BR is coming along good. I got a 40gr Blitzking load shooting very good at 4050fps, should be super explosive in G/S's. The paint job did a lot for the ascetics of a great shooting rifle.
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