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Hi folks,
Many of you sound like avid BR and Target shooters, hope you also hunt as I'm looking for thoughts on accurate hunting ammo, I don't mind using solids or "target" ammo if it has enough power to take squirrels.
I have a (don't Laugh) Norinco JW-15 that I use for hunting and used to use for target shooting with a local club, I could outshoot the guys with their heavy barreled target rifles! I did polish the bolt and raceway and worked the trigger till it was light and smooth. Also refinished that hideous Chinese stock finish (it literally looked like it was dunked in varnish and hung to dry) and it now is checkered and Tung Oil finished, also added a woodburning of a Squirrel on a limb as it was going to be my Squirrel rifle!
It is very accurate with some old CCI Blazer ammo I had since around 1998, I found that by lightly twisting the bullet and only using the tightly crimped ones accuracy got even better. Unfortunately I'm almost out of that original lot and the ones I purchased recently seem to have gone downhill as far as quality control goes, the old batch about 75-80% were tight, now I'm lucky to find 1 out of 10 rounds that have a tight crimp.
Yes it is a finicky gun, but with the right ammo it can do cloverleafs at 50 yds, sometimes one ragged hole. Guess the Chinese made good barrels anyway!
Also do you think glass bedding would help any? Barrel currently is free floated in original wood stock, I usually bed the first 6 inches of the barrel and free float the rest. Any chance it would make it less finicky?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Wolf match target.
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I tested a bunch in a 40X Rimfire, and found CCI MiniMags and Remington Subsonic HP's to be quite good for hollow point hunting ammo.

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Plus 1 on the CCI Minimags. I have also found the Remington 40gr hollowpoint Golden Bullet to be outstanding in my 22's.
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Z, did you notice nobody laughed? I have a Tu-33/40 copy of a G 33/40 Mauser. The only .22 rifle I have that's more accurate is an old T-bolt. The TU is the only .22 I have that will mount a KAR-98 bayonet. You just never know when you might have to go hand to hand? with an enraged rodent.

The action is identical to the JW-15 and is pretty cobby. It is a "copy" of an old BRNO .22 which has become a CZ now.

If it helps, the CZ ZKM 452 .22lr mags are a perfect fit. I couldn't find Norinco spares and tried the CZ's. Viola!

On the ammo preference, it appears to like the Hanson std velocity .22lr best, but shoots Super X hollowpoints well enough that I haven't needed the bayonet.

Enjoy, Tom
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I got a bunch of 22 ammo sitting here, need to get out and do some test firing, went to gun shop a while back and just went down the isle picking up random boxes, I'm not even sure what I got!

Don't underestimate the need for a bayonet, I had a Squirrel go Kamikaze on me once, blasted him out of a tree about 40 yds away with a 12 Ga. and he hit the ground running straight for me! Fell dead about 6 inches from my feet, weird!

Hey, Wolf? Is that Russian, like the cheap ammo in 7.62x39, 45 ACP, 9MM, etc.? Or is there another Wolf brand? If it is Russian is it actually good? Really? Never looked at that stuff as anything more than cheap blasting ammo.

Thanks for all the suggestions, if none of the current pile of ammo works out I'll definitely look for some of those, if I don't already have them! I know I grabbed some Elley boxes. No clue which loads. BTW it Hates CCI Stinger and most other light and hyper fast bullets I've tried, 40 gr or if possible heavier might be the way to go. Any 22LR loads that have a more than 40 gr bullet?
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Wolf is accually owned by Lapua now. It is great stuff for smallbore. With a barrel tuner, you can get the stuff to shoot as good as about any of the expensive stuff. I won the Dewer match once in the state championships and over all class with Wolf Match Target, my Winny 52D loves the stuff.
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Wolf centerfire ammo is Russian made steel cased blasing fodder in Tula. The Wolf .22 target LR is/was actually made by SK Jagd, which was an East German outfit. The .22 LR ammo now uses Lapua brass and primer and Vithavouri powder, as the Lapua company runs part of SK. The casehead markings on my Wolf .22 has the same cross within a circle that the "real" Lapua has as well. The Wolf .22 indeed shoots much better than its price would suggest, especially back when Match Target was $20/brick. Now its about $40/brick. Still a good bargain compared to the "other" match ammo from Lapua, Eley, RWS, etc.
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