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For adequate terminal results, you probably want something else than traditional round nose 22LR. As suggested, hollowpoints are good and so are CCI SGB flatnose (CCI claims it will match Minimag 40gr solid for trajectory).

As to the accuracy, it will depend on your gun. If you can run 10rds or so from each box over chronograph, it will give good hints in accuracy over 50y (large ES means lots of vertical).

Inside 50y (actually 50 meters) reasonable changes in velocity don't really affect accuracy. The ammo my gun shoots best at 50m has something like 30-35fps ES.
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Hey Tom,
As far as mags go I bought a half dozen or so of the 5 rounders when I got the rifle, and, I'm sorry to say 3 10 rounders for the JW-15. Do not make the same mistake. The 5's feed flawlessly, the 10's I'm lucky to get 1 or 2 to feed without manual help, and I've tried rebending lips, stretching the spring, polishing the lips, you name it I've probably done it and they still don't feed. So I carry a bunch of loaded 5 rounders and spare ammo, it works, and how often do you need more than 5 shots to take a squirrel or 2?

FroggyOne2 and jclin,
Thanks! Look for the Target version of Wolf!
I'm assuming they are solids, I prefer HP for safety while hunting as HP's tend to break up when they hit something and solids tend to bounce (a 22 bouncing off a rock 25 yds away and coming back to hit you in the thigh stings, trust me on this) but I will use a solid if it's the most accurate, I really wish I had bought several bricks of the CCI Blazers when they were made better! Lack of advance planning, this time if I find something it likes I'm getting at least 4 bricks of it! That hopefully will make me set for life with hunting ammo.

Thanks Again all!
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I like CCI Mini Mags. They seem to woke well. You should always test different types of ammo in your gun before deciding on one that groups the tightest. Different ammo will shoot differently in different guns.
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Lack of advance planning!

That is me!

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Nobody can predict what'll work in your gun. You just have to try different things and find out for yourself.
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Some of the most accurate 22lr ammo I have ever fired was some old PMC Zapper. I use to use the old Winchester Wildcat solid 22lr to hunt small game with when I was a boy. The bullet was a soft lead and had a profile almost like the CCI small game bullet. It worked very well. If you want something left to eat do not use the hyper velocity HP stuff like the CCI Stingers. You will not have much left to eat if you do. Each rifle will tell you what it likes and does not like. Try a bunch of different ammo. Any type bullet will work OK if you head shoot them.
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PMC Zapper? PMC made rimfire? Used to shoot alot of their 30 Carbine and more recently 6.5x55 (they were the only reloadable brass I could find around here for quite a while) but don't remember ever seeing 22 ammo by PMC, of course most of the local gun shops are on the small side around here.
Got to plan on a day to go shooting, in addition to the 22 I've got several test batches loaded for a new 44 mag to try out, a new load for the 6.5, and a couple new loads to try out in the 45 and 380 autos. Unfortunately test firing days are boring for the kids and I have to go alone and do the target changing myself. The neighbors don't mind me firing a few shots out back once and a while, but I don't think they would be too happy about an all day barrage!
Definitely will have to pick up some of the MiniMags and the Wolf Target. I have some CCI SGB but I don't see anything about flatpoint, are there 2 different loads?
Hanson I'll have to look for, don't remember seeing that brand before. Heck I even got a box of Elley Match Pistol Ammo! Didn't realize it was pistol! What the heck, try it too!
I'm mostly looking for accuracy, any standard or faster load will do as I usually go for the head shot, which means I need an inch or better at 50 yds, and smaller is preferred! I know the rifle can do a 3 shot ragged hole at 50 yds with ammo it likes. Just need to find another ammo it likes.
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I shoot a Marlin 880 SQ with 3x9 Leupold Vari-X, and a Bush - master ES2 Shorty w/ Leupold 8.5 X 25 Tactical with a CIENER .22 LR Conversion kit. Both guns are zeroed in at 100 yards and shoot 1" MOA groups consistently. I hunt 'Nutria' a 20 to 35 LB Rodent that has invaded Florida from South America via Louisiana thanks to the 'Old Owner' of LOUISIANA HOT SAUCE. The have large tusks and tear up roots of planted crops and multiply by the thousands. I use Aquila 22 Super Maximum Hyper Velocity 30grain plated hollow points on calm days, they are rated at 1750FPS, my Chronograph read 1650. If it is windy I use CCI 40 GR HP Velocitor, they will drop a large 'Nutria' with one shot at 125 yards. I have killed a 34 pounder at 205 yards with the Bushmaster/Aquila combo when I shot him in the jaw and he started to scurry up a muddy bank. I hit it 6 more times out of 9 rounds in the magazine and half the meat was still good. At 75 yards the 30 gr HP turns a Dove into a puff of feathers.
Halfbreed II

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