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Let's see, where do I start? OK, the guy that said the old PMC Zappers are great, your are so right sir! I currently have almost 200,000 of them left and I use them in all three of my Ruger MKII handguns. I also have 4 Ruger 10/22's and they all like different ammo: one loves Elley Brown, one loves WW high velocity, one lives on CCI's and Wolf Match, and the other won't hit shit no matter what I put in it unless I do one very important thing, and that leads me into my point and advice for you. Spend 85 bucks and buy a rimfire loaded round comparator! If you do you will never - ever - go back to being without one. I also have three of the original Kimber of Oregon bolt guns and these are very fussy about headspace. One will only shoot a very specific headspace, the other two will shoot one hole all day long as long as all the rounds have the same headspace and I adjust my scope accordingly. I do however stay away from the cheap federals, they are just plain junk. Thunderbolts on the other hand are wonderfully cheap and if sorted will shoot very well and any that don't find a pile, I give to the grand kids for blasting ammo when they come over. So go forth, spend some money and enjoy life to the fullest.


Post Script: what to have some real fun? Get a 22 Hornet!
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"Get a 22 Hornet!"

How far do they go? Max Range that is?
Around here I'm lucky to be more than 2 miles from nearest houses, I worry enough shooting up into a tree with a 22LR! I try to always shoot with trunk or limb behind the squirrel but they don't always co-operate with that. I use a 12ga alot for squirrels mostly for that reason, hate picking hair and shot out of then though, 22LR head shots are much neater, and no wasted meat. But I worry about where that slug comes back down with a rifle, so.......
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I have a 10-22 Target model and a new Kimber Pro-varmint both
in .22LR. They will both avg. in the 3/8" or better at 50 yds. with Eley Sub-sonic HP hunting rounds.These are 5 shot groups.
Strangely enough the 10-22 will do the same with Wolf Match but
the Kimber just sprays them. This ammo is about $6.00 a box.
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.22 Long Rifle CCI Velocitors are the most potent 40 grain hollow points, and they ALWAYS go bang. At over 1600 fps from a rifle length barrel, they are without peer. Even from a Ruger Mark III Competition 6 7/8" barrel they ALWAYS go bang and really leave a mark. cliffy
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One .22lr that has always worked well is the Winchester Wildcat. I had a tough time getting them a few years ago. I also like Aguila Hyper Velosity and on top is CCI Stingers. I use CCI and Aguila sub sonics with great results to 50 yards. Both cycle in semi auto's.
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Compared to .243 Winchester prowess, a .22 Long Rifle is a squib. Yet, both have their purposes down-range. A fifteen-foot shot at a Rattlesnake does not require a 2200 ft/lb report. Saving one's life merely requires necessary force. cliffy
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Zermoid, I just started loading for .22 Hornet/K-Hornet. They will deliver approx 1000 fps more than an average .22lr (using the 35 - 40gr bullets). I would not shoot up into a tree with the Hornet. No squirrel is worth the risk.

The Hanson ammo was made in Yugoslavia. I haven't seen it in years. I also regret not buying more. They made green box, std vel., and orange box, hi vel. The std vel ammo was consistently more accurate in bolt guns, but wouldn't cycle semiauto rifles or pistols.

I mostly hunt with Win Super X Hollow Points. My old T-bolt will shoot 1/2" at 50 yds with it. It sends squirrels to that big pecan tree in the sky.

Good luck, Tom
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