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I disagree with everything the above dude says. Why? I will repeat after Roy Weatherby; " speed kills".
the 17 , zero'd at 100 yds, drops 3 inches at 150, and 8 inches at 200. WOW!!!!
The 17 , at 100 yds, is faster than a 22 mag is, at the muzzle.
Even though most boxes list the 17 at 2550 fps, that is old school rounds, with old school bbls. most dudes I know, are over 2600 fps, and most are near to 2700fps. That is approaching 30.06 speed.
Inside of 80 yds, the 22 mag has more energy, becuase of it's mass, but after that, the 17 takes over in every other way; speed, energy, wind bucking ability, you name it.
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of course, that being said, I prefer the mach 2.
firing eley/remmy rounds,which are hotter loaded, you get over 2300 fps, the rounds cost 1/3 what the hmr's do, and of course, with a mach 2 rifle, you can also shoot 17 aguila, my all time fave round. Which they now make in a hollow point as well. Schwing!!!!
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Remington does not make a Eley primered M2. M2 is rated at 2100fps w/ a 17gr bullet. 1500fps at 100 yards and 88lb energy. Glad you got a woodie on that last post, but you are wrong!

Here are facts:

Parent case .22 WMR
Bullet diameter .172 in.
Neck diameter .190 in.
Shoulder diameter .238 in.
Base diameter .238 in.
Rim diameter .286 in.
Case length 1.058 in.
Overall length 1.349 in.
Bullet weight - 17 gr. / Velocity - 2,550 fps. / Energy - 245
Bullet weight - 20 gr. / Velocity - 2,350 fps. / Energy - 250

Case length: 1.052 in.
Overall length: 1.350 in.
Bullet diameter: .224 in.
Bullet weight - 40 gr. / Velocity - 2,020 fps. / Energy - 360
.22 Winchester Mag, JHP        

30 gr Sierra (velocity,fps/ ft lb)
2200 / 325
1720 / 200
1340 / 120

I understand that speed kills, but accuracy rules supreme. Ever wonder why a 9.3x62 is a dangerous game cartridge when the 300 mag is not? Mass weight. Most African countries will not allow a .30 for dangerous game, but a heavier, slower cartridge is a go. Yes the HMR will out range the WMR in calm comditions, but as soon as the wind blows the .22WMR wins the accuracy contest..
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Went to my local club yesterday and chronod .17 (Savage 93BVSS) and .22 (Rem model 5) mag loads. Was blowing somewhere between tornado and hurricane so will do comparitive 100 yd groups some other day. Here are the results on my PACT Pro XP:

.17 HMR, all 17 gr.
CCI 2527 fps
Fed 2579
Horn 2536
Win 2548
Rem 2549

.22 WMR
Win SuprX 40 gr 1847 fps
CCI MaxiMag 40 gr 1941
Win Supreme 34 gr 2142
Fed 50 gr 1575
Rem 33 gr 2096
Fed 30 gr TNT 2193
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