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Maybe this has been discussed but would like to hear your opinions.
I have both and for yotes I prefer the 22mag. I was not that impressed with the job the 17 did, the 22 mag simply performed better. The 17 for small game is great and it is slightly more accurate than the 22 mag.

I guess where I am at on this is I will go with the 22mag for larger varmints up to yote and keep it under 150 yds. For small varmints and game I will go with the 17.
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That sums up the way I feel about the 17HMR also.It's a gopher killer and it's way to wind sensitive
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I just sighted in my Ruger 77/22 in 22mag.3/4 inch groups at 100 yards,no rest or bags.I am very happy with that and better then a higher priced 17 hmr I had.
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I think the ballistics of the 22 mag round make it a better all around cartridge. Looking at trajectory alone the 17 drops less but when it hits something the energy delivered is so much less than the 22 mag it didn't seem (to me) to be the best careidge for even small animals. Accuracy of the 22 mag has been scetchy over the years while the ammo makers produced some good quality 17HMR stuff right out of the shute. The higher quality 22 mag fodder recently produced has been reported to give very good accuracy.

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I have a browning A-bolt .22 WMR and a Marlin 917v .17HMR. I bought the .17 for my boys as a go vermin hunting w/ Dad gun. At 75 yards w/ a 20gr game point bullet, it is ok on Yotes. My .22 mag on the other hand w/ CCI Maxi mag HP's cleans their clocks every time at 100 yards. Right in the Head. I have an old Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40mm on her, w/ Amberglow optics. That scope is at least 20 years old and the Rifle, 14. I picked up some of the new 30gr offerings in .22 mag, the old 33gr BT remingtons sucked. The .17HMR is a good Woodchuck and smaller gun to 200 yards. I was dissapointed. jp
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By both, and after some testing sell the 22 mag. You will be happier with the 17. I did this and sold the 22 mag.
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Hope nobody minds if an F Class shooter weighs in here. I find the little rimfires very relaxing in between the 1000 yard centerfire competitions. Also a lot cheaper. Just bought a Rem model 5 in .22 Mag. Already have a Savage .17 93BVSS. Have read with interest the various opinions in this thread as to the relative merits of each. After wringing out both over the next few months I hope to contribute new info to this thread. My initial reaction is that the little .17 doesn`t like windy days but will the .22 mag be any better? Looking forward to finding out.
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Lets see, bullet weight. I use 20gr for .17HMR and 40gr 90% of the time in .22WMR. We are talking double the mass weight. Even w/ a 30gr .22WMR we are talking a 1/3 increase in weight. Look at it this way, w/ a .223 you can shoot a 55gr pill or a 77gr pill. The 77gr w/ it's heavier mass is the clear winner at distance in the wind. The 55gr may be fine at 300 yards, but after that it really starts moving in the wind. So w/ 2 accurate rifles, 3/4" groups at 100 yards, which do you think will buck the wind better, lighter, or heavier? I shoot my .22mag w/ 40gr on those breezy days and my boys shoot .22LR, CCI Stingers or Aguila Hyper velocity 38gr. Sure the .17HMR would be effective at .22lr ranges, but costs more to shoot. I live in New England, the wind blows allot.
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