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I am just thinking out loud here but i am thinking i will do a coyote hunting rifle with an action i just bought. I got a good deal on an older rem 700 short action. I sold my ar rifle i used to wack coyotes with so i need to come up with a bolt rifle to take its place. I am thinking a 22 cal and i like to be different so i am considering a 22x47L or a 22-250AI. My smith has the reamers for either one so thats not a problem. I like the lapua brass and i have heard some good accuracy reports from the 47L case whether it be a 6mm or 6.5mm or even 22 cal. I dont know to much about the 22-250Ai except it pretty popular and its fast. Is the 22-250 know for great accuracy or is it just good accuracy?? I dont see much offered for reloading dies for the 22x47L. I know i can use a bushing die to neck size but what about full length sizing and seating dies? I like the idea of going with the 47L but does it make better since to just go with the 250AI?? Anyone have any input, or thoughts??? Thanks Lee
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coyotes like other critters can only get so dead and you wont get them any more dead.

Personally i would stick with a factory cartridge and not bother with necking down and lots of case prep only to lose cases in the field. Ive been doing that with my 22BRX and its a pain in the rear end and expensive too. My 20 practical i get 223 remington brass for free from professional kangaroo cullers who only use factory ammo. Neck it down load it and if I lose it no big deal. I would cry if i started losing lapua necked down 223 brass though.

If you still want to use lapua brass why not go a 308 and 110gr vmax's for coyotes?
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You must not shoot very many coyotes. Coyotes can be pretty tuff to kill. I have split them in half with 75gr v-max and they still run a half mile. Besides that that doesnt have anything to do with the question. they are both 22Cal's so i dont see your point of view!! Rifles and reloading is what i love to do, so a little case prep isn't an issue either. You do have a small point about loosing brass, as that does happen. However i dont think i will loose enough to worry about it. I am more interested in accuracy and performance. Thanks for your thoughts though!! Lee
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No mate never shot one at all, im in Aus (kangaroos mentioned in my previous post)

If you have shot them with 75gr vmax and they run then maybe the 308 isnt a bad idea.

But if your going to stick to 22 cals what was wrong with the BR or BRX that you were going to build? A BRX does the same as a 22-250AI with less powder. Get two barrels done, one for each action and when you retire match cases, use them for hunting.

All the movies I see for coyote hunting they use 243's 22-250's or 270's pretty much. Most of them dont run far if at all.
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I did have the 22br built and it is awesome. Problem is it is a bench gun. Not exactly set up for a hunting rifle. I do love those BR's. I am waiting on my 6 dasher to show up tomorrow. I hope it is as accurate as the 22br. It is also a bench type rifle. I need a dedicated coyote rifle!!! Thanks for your input!! Lee
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I have two .22/250AI barrels that I've had for a while and a new .22X47L barrel that I've just started load testing. The .22X47L case (Lapua) capacity is slightly more than a standard .22/250 Rem and less than the .22/250AI (fireformed Remington). The advantage of the .22X47L, of course, is the availability of Lapua brass. I have Remington, Winchester and Federal brass for the .22/250AI's and prefer Remington which I've found to be quite good, but not up to Lapua standards of course. Recently I've been shooting some reformed Norma 6XC brass in the .22/250AI and find it to be of excellent quality. Dies for the .22/250AI are much easier to come by than for the .22X47L. For a coyote rifle, if you're not saving the hides, I think either caliber would be a great choice. For a PD rifle I would go with the .22/250AI because of much less work prepping the hundreds of cases needed. The .22/250AI will burn a bit more powder, but give higher velocities due to the larger case capacity. Accuracy should be very good from either caliber in custom barrels. Good shooting, Vic

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I have a 22-250AI it is a great round. You can get great brass in Nosler & Norma loading dies are eazy to get, accuracy is great, speed is there 3800f/s with a 55gr bullet. The 22x47L sound like a good round also. The dies will need to be custom most likely, just cost more.

If you are wanting speed, look at the 22-6mmAI or 22 x 284, barrel life is not so good. Not too good with the rounds you have picked. Sometime that is the price you have to pay, for the round you want.

One more, have you look at the big 20 cal, 20-250 or the 20 x 47L.

Mark Schronce
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When i get around to a 20cal it will be a 20br no doubt!! Thanks Lee
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