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your definatly on the right track with your cartridge choices. any more and your jst wasting powder and burning up barrels. the brass prep. on 22-250ai would be a little eaiser than on a 22x47L(neck down twice, trim, then proly fl size and definatly some nech turning some where in between). what about a 22br? brass and dies are easy to find and from what i've read it's no sloutch either. it falls in between a .223 and 22-250ai, perfect if you ask me. i don't have one cuz i already have everything else. maybe i'll build one in the future.

here are some other options to consider: 6x47L, 6-250ai,6mm rem, .243win or 243ai w/ slower twist rate and some 58gr. v-max's? then you might could work up some 70 and 85gr loads for those longer shots and with proly a little better barrel life too.

lots of good choices, best thing is to not get in a big hurry reasearch them all and really make up your mind what you want to go with.

here are some interesting links that helpd me come to a decision when i was in your shoes:
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Yep them yotes can be some tough SOB's. I was in your exact same spot not too long ago. I used to carry a Howa 223 Bolt gun in my old pickuptruck. It had a Lilja 18" pipe on it and shot really well with 55gr Balistic tips. I happened across some fresh tracks in the snow one day. I drove by a ways and called in the suspected Yote only to plant a solid hit on him at about 200 yards and he got away. That ended My 223 days. I searched a long time for the long shot and high speed and most accurate case I could find for this task. I picked a 1:10 twist 243 AI shooting 95gr Berger VLD's at 3600+ FPS. Its a laser beam.

I would think a Berger 80gr VLD out of a 22Dasher or 22BR would be a good set up. You already have all the parts for the build. Old Benchrest brass would be fine for bustin dogs.

6 Dasher with a 95gr Berger VLD would be another one of my choices.

Oh so many toys and so little time.

I got a feeling you like to tinker, so the plain ole 22-250AI might not be most fun of all mentioned.

My vote is for a 22 Dasher.

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Why not get the best of both worlds? I built a 22x47 improved for my coyote gun. It is easy as just running the 22-250 AI reamer in .050 short, and trimming the same amount off the dies. It is actually a little more efficient than the 22-250 AI. My best load for coyotes is a 65 gr. Sierra game king pushed by 39.4 grs. of H4350 for 3750 fps. The Lapua brass will take more pressure than any 22-250 brass available, and last 4 times as long. The 65 SGK's hit like a sledge hammer, and were originally designed for shooting red kangaroos,(they're pretty tough from what I hear).
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Medicineman is Fred Moreo of Sharp Shooters Supply. What a great idea for a fast .224 without all the hassles of a 22-243 or 22-6mm and I'd suspect much better better barrel life as well. Being I just happen to have a deluxe die set in 22-250AI laying around and not being utilized I believe this calls for a new barrel for one of my Savages. If it turns out to shoot anywhere nearly as well as my new 20 VarTarg he made for me last year I'll be ecstatic.

I wonder what twist he's using???? Fred thanks for pointing at least me in the right direction.

RJ Hamilton
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a 22-243 or 22-6mm(.224tth) would definatly be more user friendly than 22x47L especially improved. since dies are harder to find medicineman has a good solution. ofcourse for us non-gunsmiths we still have to buy the dies, then pay someone else to trim them. dies are usually availiabe in 22-243/22-6mm and only one step to necking down cases. you can start loading ammo as soon as they come in and no hassle of having to make something work. it's always easier to jst start out with something that works to begin with. plus it's also easier to find 243 and 6mm brass. with a 22x47L you have to form brass outta 6.5x47L. it can proly be acheived in one step, but it would be better to neck it down a little at a time; this way you can trim and turn case necks if necessary befor and not after you find they need it.

my vote for a wilcat goes to 22-6mm(22-243 looks funky to me), 22br or dasher, and 6x47L.
either straight or improved 22-250, 220swift, .243, or 6mm.

btw most factory 22-250 shoot good right outta the box.
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I'm using a 26" 1-8" Douglas. I played with some 90 gr. SMK's over the chronograph and got 3350 fps. with a compressed load of Rel 22. I couldn't get enough in the case to give me any pressure problems, you could lift the bolt with one finger and the e.s. was 18
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j_22250, I'm not knocking the 22-250 or 22-250AI they're both winners, but they both heat up way to fast to use them in high volume shooting such in a p-dog town. My 22-250 got so hot that after firing a ten shot string I'd have to lay it down for 30 minutes or so. I shot out a 22-6mmAI in 800 rounds and a shooting buddy's 22-243 didn't make it much beyond 1000 rounds before it went south. I agree with you that for a designated yote rifle about any of the above cartridges would work great. I just like those short fat Lapua cases. I'm still going to inquire about barrel life and heating issues prior to ordering one.

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a 22x47(L)/improved would have the same or more powder than a 22-250/22-250ai. maybe a 22br/dasher would be a better choice for you rj. or even 223ai that way you would still be able to use lapua brass. for better barrel life step it up to 6mm cal. my 22-250 has a heavy barrel on it, you can shoot 20rnds. thru it and not feel the heat. i don't ever jst keep blasting w/ it tho.

i'm simply jst replying to skeetlee first post. since he was asking about 22-250/22-250ai. i jst assumed he was wanting to keep things simple for a coyote rifle.

skeetlee, my coyote/deer rifle is 6x47L w/ a 26" sendero contour and a varmint stock which could be used as a bench gun. my 22-250 has a 24" heavy barrel. jst use what you have; from the sound of it you've already got some nice guns.
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