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I need to run this one by more minds than mine! I have a new Remington 700. Before I start here are the specs per Remington:

243 cal 26" heavy barrel 9 1/8" twist weight with scope over 11 lbs laminated stock

The rifle has the following:

SCOPE: New Leupold 8.5 x 25 AO with 2 piece Leupold Rings & Bases

STOCK: glassed & headspace by the best gunsmith in NC. 18 oz trigger

Gun was given standard break in, oil after first 10 rounds then every 5 rounds with Hornady Custom SST 95 gr

BENCH SET UP: Farley co ax rest with custom front rest bag to fit the stock. Golden Eagle rear rest.

TEST CONDITIONS: 100 yards off concrete table. Scope was reset rearward because I was chasing the scope. then re leveled using my Level Level. Wind variable, per my wind meter 5 to 10 mph & wind flags. NO shots taken unless wind was under 5 mph. Barrel cooled after 3 shots.

PROBLEM: My 22 M4 grouped as well with a 4 x scope. Seriously, were talking 3" groups! The scoped seemed to be working fine. It was bore sighted and tool 2 minor clicks to put it dead on at 25 yards. As expected, the impact point was 8" high at 100, I dialed it down 4", and it moved 4". Another 4" adjustment put it on the 3" orange dot I was using.

After that I went through 20 rounds, with minor adjustments on the scope. There was no rhyme no reason to the groups. It was simply all over the 3" dot.

I don't claim to be an expert, but I have been doing this close to 40 years and I won't own even a hunting rifle that isn't sub moa. I shoot a good bit of competition, so I don't think it was me. I do have horrible vision but I recently was re fitted for glasses & shooting glasses, and were talking the best money can buy.

MY OPINION: I normally reload everything I shoot. In the past I used Hornady Custom when I was breaking in, and to be honest their ammo was equal to Federal Premium off the shelf. I have mated loads to MANY 243's and always had best results with 95 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips.

I realize the SST is not boat tail ammo, but the BC is very close to the Ballistic Tip.


Bullet weight. is the 9 1/8" twist for lighter bullets? That dawned on me when I noticed Remington lists this rifle as a VARMINT gun.

The gun just does not like that factory load?

Scope Trouble? Even $1000 Leupold scopes can be faulty, although it would be the first in 40 years.

Get off my but & get back to reloading? I simply have not been able due to health problems.

Find a box of factory 45 to 50 gr Ballistic Tips?

If that fails I guess I need to stick another scope on the gun & send mine back to Leupold?

I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS! I usually overlook the minor details.

Thanks to you all!


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Do a quick check of your bbl twist and make sure it is not a 1-10 twist bbl. A piece of tape on a cleaning rod will do that.

You may be running into insufficient twist for your bullets.

Try ammo with a lighter bullet. If results are still the same, change scopes. Also, take a look at the bbl crown and make sure that it is in perfect shape, no nicks or dings.

That should get you started on things to investigate.

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I have no trouble with 87gr-100gr bullets with my Rem. 700 factory 243 1-9.25" VLS. I shot a 149-11X at 300 yds. in an F-Class match, with 87gr. V-Max.
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Remington tends to put freebore into their rifles. Sounds like you are shooting strictly factory ammo. Have you calculated the jump to the lands for the bullets?

I had a Rem SPS Varmint in .308. If I wanted to seat 155 Sierra Palmas .020 short of the lands, they would not even be in the case neck, the freebore was that great.
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Howdy gene... rfc/mrgee
hey i have the same gun an had the same problems it won't hold a a steady POI at a hundred its a G pre-fix, you need a trigger in that pc
the funny thing is the loads you made will shoot nice groups out at 2, 300yrds
what i found finally shoots a group at 100yrds is
75gr flat base sierra- 36.2/ primer
e-mail me
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Try some different ammo first. The factory barrel should stabilize up to 100gr bullets. What rings are you using? I have seen with the dove tail twist in rings that if the front dove tail is loose the gun will wander all over the place. Only use new front rings and base if they are the dovetail twist in style so I'd check that. I would like to think that one MOA would be a reasonable expectation for that setup at 100yds. Main thing just try different ammo and keep shooting.

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The flat-base Hornady 95 SST should stabilize fine in a 9? twist. If it is a 10" twist (standard for .243), that bullet is marginal. It should still group better than 3" at 100 yards. The instability would show at greater distance.

As Lance recommended, try some different ammo first.
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