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Well, I've determined my .243 Win has its best days behind it. I really like the caliber and I'm wondering if it would be better to have the barrel set back (cut new throat) or have it re-barreled to a larger caliber? The current rig is a Savage BVSS Model 12 with a 26" stainless fluted pipe. Used to shoot awesome, now shooting not so awesome.
I've been considering ordering a replacement barrel from Shilen, too, but I've heard it takes an awful long time to get your barrel . . . and I don't know the first thing about switching them out.
Any suggestions? (yes, I've tried different loads - powders, primers, bullets, COL, neck trimming for uniformity . . . it's the gun, not the gunner).
Thanks for any input . . .
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you never said what you use the rifle for.

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I shoot a .243 Winchester as my main deer hunting caliber, yet I have been considering the massive power increase of a .308 Winchester. Will I give up my .243 Winchester? NO! Will I add a .308 Winnie Pooh? MAYBE. Reloading .243 Winchester for years has made me a believer of its prowess with correct bullets for the application. Heading toward more recoil within the .308 Winchester makes me a bit apprehensive. I have a weak heart due to a severe Heart Attack in 2000. Thanks to being right eye dominant, since I could not tolerate the recoil though my left shoulder where the "heart attachments" are located. My right shoulder can take a lot more shock than my left. Give up my .243 . . . Never: Add a .308 with 165 grainers, I want to test a few first. Cliffy
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cc, I had a paragraph written which described exactly what the rifle is used for and then thought to myself "these guys aren't going to want to read this . . . " and deleted it!
I live in NE Montana, lot of ranchers out here and a lot more coyotes. I call coyotes a lot - but I also have many, many places where I can setup with my LRF, spotting scope, anemometer and my cheat cards to smash coyotes from 'stand off' range. The shots can be anywhere from 400 to 700+ yards. The rifle hasn't been the same since I took it after prairie dogs a year ago and let someone else shoot it. And boy did they shoot it! Made that bolt action sound like an auto-loader. I was off in another section of the doggy town with my .223 and when I heard them bangin away I headed back . . . told him that's too many rounds in too few seconds for the rifle to tolerate! But the damage was done, I believe.
There you have it . . . someone please play taps as we lay this barrel to rest.
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cliffy, I have a .338 Win Mag in Browning Safari Classic tucked away in the gun safe for my larger game. I have shot at least a half dozen white tail and muleys with my .243 though - usually directly through the heart if they are outside a couple hundred yards, inside that range & they get it in the neck.

I would like a .308, however. Never owned one, but I know it has to kick a lot less than my .338 Win Mag!
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6 one half a dozen the other. that being said my choice would be the 308 just cause of cheaper brass and longer barrel life. that is just me like i said both will work great for what you want.

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Scott.. I had the same thoughts .. I took an old Savage that was a .243, and after the accuracy had faded, I bought a drop-in .308 win and a muzzle brake. Not to start a debate over calibers, but in hindsight I think I might be happier now with a 7mm-08, or .260. The very next project rifle I built was a fast twist .243 to replace it.
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I have a varmint .243, heavy barreled .308's and to tell the truth, the one I usually end up shooting is the 6.5x55. A very forgiving cartridge, 100 grains for varmints, 140's for long range, doesn't kick much, much better for long range than the .308, better in the wind than the .243.
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