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I have been reading and reading about this subject and feel drawn to ask a few questions. I am having a rifle built in .243 Winchester, not .243 Ai, 6-284. Just your run o the mill standard ole .243. I am putting a 1 in 7 twist 28 inch long Hart barrel on it to shoot the heaviest bullet possible in .243. Now, I have read alot on here about people having bullets desintegrate en route to the target, Are there issues with the 1 in 7 twist and the 115s, Bergers Dtac ect? Is the reason for the bullet desintegration possibly pushing it through a fast twist barrel in a potent cartridge such as the Ai, or the 6-284 version. What are your opinions on the 115's and the standard .243 Winchester with the 1 in 7 twist. I am planning on shooting it out to 1000 yrds and more if I get the chance, I also shoot some 400 yard bench matches and will like to use it for this as well. Let me have it!?
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I have a 243 with a Mike Rock 27" 1-7.5" twist and it shoots the 115 Moly DTAC's pretty good at 1000yds using 47grs of H1000, velocity is in the 2900+ range and 5 shot groups are between .5 and .75 moa. RE 25 also works well.
I think you will be fine with the 7 twist and the DTAC's, don't have any experience with the Bergers.

Wayne aka WAMBO
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Berger 115's will be fine. I shoot them through a 6 mm Dasher 7 twist Brux at 2900+ and have never had a blow up. Great for
1000 yd prarie dogs.
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Thanks for the input guys . I was wondering about the 1 in 7 twist rates and the .243, the problems others had made me a bit apprehensive. I still feel it will be a great combo for my long range shooting with a good load worked up for it. Thanks again. Tom
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I have a .243Ai but had the bullet failier problems you were mentioning.

My problem was my Lilja barrel. I couldnt get any 6mm bullets to hold together after about 2970fps. I thought it was a bullet problem. Then I switched to a Brouhton barrel and have had 0 problems since. I now run the 115gr Dtacs at 3070 and couldnt be happier.

Most likely you wont have any problems. I want to think the Lilja barrel I had was too tight. as regular .243 loads in the AI version were not only blowing up bullets, but killing my brass too. I now use that barrel for fireforming.

Good luck. and have fun.

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Thanks Blackhawk for the input, I am hoping to have no problems with mine when it gets finished, heres hoping.
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When you get yours running try Re-22, Ive had great results with that powder. great accuracy and speed.

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Yeah I was hoping R-22 was a good choice, I will have to see when I get my load data from Berger on the 115 VLD's. I use it currently in my other 243, I use 45 gr of it behind the 95gr Berger VLD's. I am stuck using just those at the moment, My rifle I have now is a factory Remington 700 VLS with a 1 in 9 twist so I was limited on bullet weight with this rifle.
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