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With the Hart BBL you will need to make sure it stays clean. One of the reasons bullets blow up is fouling. Not just copper, but carbon is a big issue that can result in bullet blow up.

I'm shooting 115 Bergers (Target) at 3100 fps from my Bartlein in 1:7.5 with no issues.

As far as the RE 22 goes, you may want to try H1000 or N165 as they are single based and the RE 22 is double based. It may help with barrel life.

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Joesr is right about the Vit N-165. on my rifle it will just about interchange with re-22. .5gr more of the N-165 matches the ballistics of the re-22. And I cant tell a difference on target.
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I will have to look into those powders for sure thanks for the advice, I have to request load data from Berger to see if those are on their list, well, Blackhawk, you have data obviously for the 115 VLD's did you get yours from Berger or did you work it up on your own? If you have data would you be willing to share a bit of it? I did see on Harts website they do recommend keeping the barrel clean after 20 or so shots so i will definitely use the methods they request I use for sure. I want this gun, when ever it gets finished, to last me as long as possible. These things are not cheep!
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Try H-1000 with the 115 DTAC it comes already pointed now. Clean the barrel good and polish the throat and bore about every 200-300 rounds and you'll get superb accuracy, and barrel life will probably be about 3000 rounds. You'll be happy with your results.
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44Magsr. My rifle is of the Ackley Improved veriety. Didnt you say yours was a straight .243win? If it is, I got my starting data from the sierra load book for the Re-22 and the Vit website for the V-165. But added to it for the AI chamber. Those two powders will still work even if its not an AI.

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Will a true 1-8" twist .243 ackley stabilize the 115's at sealevel? Currently I'm shooting the various 105-107 bullets at around 3250fps.


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Lance I have a shooting buddy who has a 1 in 8 twist 243 Ai and he says that his will shoot 1 hole groups at 100 yards with the 115 Bergers but out beyond that they get a bit squirrly. From all I know and all the people I have spoke to the best twist for the 115 VLD's is 1 in 7 or as close to that you can get. The 8 twist just doesnt stabbilize the 115's enough at longer ranges. Like I said thats from someone I know who has tried them and Berger bullets themselves. I have taken the time to call them and I have personally spoke to Walt Berger on quite a few different occations concerning a few of thier bullets. I am not sure what the best twist is for Dtac 115's as I have never tried them,, yet.

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BlackHawk, I havent look in my Sierra manual for info on this yet but seems like it may be a good idea to check them all and see whats listed as far as powders for the 115's in .243 Win. I usually get my data from Berger for thier bullets and have had super great results, but, thanks for the nudge, never really thought about my other manuals. Could at least cross refrence with other data and see what comes of it.

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