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what should I use to make 260 rem brass? Hard to find it right now but I will buy a couple boxes of factory ammo so I have a little brass to play with in the mean time. Would it be beter to use 308 or 243 brass if I purchase Lapua brass? I do not know the neck dia in the chamber yet, it is a pre threaded and chambered Lothar Walther 1 in 8 twist Savage barrel.

What is the easiest way to neck up or down brass, I was just going to order a Forester Ultra Micrometer die set, have them in other calibers and think they are a great set for about $80. Will the Forester FL work or will I need something else?

Any reloading advice, I have a selection of RL15,19,22,25. Some Vhit. N560, I may get some IMR 4350 and some H4831 or 4831SC. Plan to shoot 123 and 139 Lapua's and 140 SMK's. Just getting some ideas, and going to place an order for dies and reloading components in the next couple of days.
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I've necked down 308 and necked up 243. Necking up 243 is much easier and you won't have to worry about thick necks. I use a forrester f/l die and it works fine. Just make sure to get lube inside the necks. My rifle doesn't like bullets in the 140 range as well as the 120's. For 120's I use R19 and H4350. All the powders you list are well in the range. Enjoy.
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back when the 260 came out i couldnt find any brass ether and was told to neck up 243 brass....if you neck down the larger cal stuff just make sure the neck isnt to thick when loaded


and you have a PM
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I have a Nesika Model K repeater in 260Rem. Love it!! Ive been using 120's with 43 grains of H414. Im going to my first 1000yd shoot so I loaded up some 139's with 39.0 of H414.I got some tight groups with both. A few down below 1/4in. I have Redding comp dies and use both Rem and Lapua brass. Both are easy to get call Brunos or Midway. If you use Lapua get 243 and neck up. It will be tight til its fireformed.
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I am necking down some 308 right now down to 260s. I have not had any problem yet. Just make sure you keep them well lubed while you are resizing them.
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When I was shooting a Rem 260, I started with Remington brand brass . It was very inconsistent.

I then switched to .243 Win brass from Lapua and Norma. It was good brass but I had bad donut problems--exacerbated by a "generous" factory chamber with a lot of taper in the neck so it let the neck-shoulder junction expand.

For best velocities, stick with Lapua brass (308 or 243). But, I think the simplest way to go is 7-08 Winchester brand brass. It's a simple neck down, and I haven't heard complaints about donuts.

The donuts I got in my brass were bad enough that I had to inside ream AND outside turn all my cases.
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Sorry guys I don't understand.
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