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looking for insight of what would be a decent bullet to kill both. up to now all i've used is 130 sp and have shot 2 deer and 1 cyote with them. all have been pass throughs, but was wanting more a varmint bullet for shooting coyotes. thought about trying 130 nbt's, but was wondering if the 110 vmax's might be better. also would the 90gr. HP be too light?
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the 130g nbt's shot good in my 270 with 54-56 grains of put down a 220 lbs 8 pointer at 200yrds a few years ago.i would think that they would blow up and not pass through on a coyote.John
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did you get a passthru on that 8 point?
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As for getting pass through on deer with a 130 BT it all depends on where you hit them and at what yardage they are hit at. I have killed a few deer with the 270 using the 130 BT and Sierra bullets. THE LOAD for most 270 win I have fooled with is 60 grs H-4831 and that will give you 3050 to 3200 fps average depending on the barrel. It has been my experience that if you shoot a deer in the front shoulders broadside and the deer is inside 200 yards the bullet usually will not exit but most of the time you can find the jacket under the off side hide. Beyond 200 yards the bullet has slowed down enough that it holds together better and will exit. If you put one of these bullets through the ribs it will exit most of the time.

The 110 v-max or the 90 gr bullets are varmint bullets and they will explode. Unless you are willing to only take perfect broad side lung shots on a deer or a head or perfect neck shot I would not try them on deer.

It is hard to have the best of both worlds between coyote and deer loads.

Why are you so upset with a pass through?
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not upset with passthru's, but if the bullet went thru a deer at 200 yrds why would it not a coyote. the NBT's have a tapperd jacket and i would not of figured them to be that fragnible. i really thought they would be simular in performance as the sp's.
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with my load I think that I was getting around 2900fps.and no it didn't pass through it took out his pumper.the nbt isn't made like the accubond or e-tip.many hunters in my area hate them because they just can not shoot.they do not retain their weight good,but if you put it were it needs to be it will take care of what ever it's shot at.John
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the difference between the two is the accubond's bonding process. i'm shooting the 140's right now, guess i'll have to try them out this year.
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The Accubond has a much thicker jacket in about the back half of the bullet than the Ballistic tip also. The Accubond works about like a Partition with a sleek polymer tip.

j_22250: You did not mention the make of the SP bullet you were using. Just because bullets are called a SP does not mean that they are all constructed the same and will react the same. Sierra SP and Hornady SP and Remington SP's all will react differently. The Sierra is a bit softer bullet the interlock Hornady SP holds together pretty well as well as the Rem. As I said earlier impact point and velocity have a great deal to do with it.

It has been my experience that the 140 gr 270 bullets are a little tougher bullet than the 130's mostly. Every one I have used or seen used on deer most often shoot through the average size deer broad side through the shoulders. I and my hunting buddy have used the 140 Hornady BTSP and the SST and the ballistic tips. We liked the 130 BT or Sierra best for deer.
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