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why is this site not talking more about the 270wsm? ballisticly isn't it the better cartride over 7wsm and 300wsm.(given that people are shooting 110-150gr. bullets in all three cartridges).

is bullet selection the only thing holding this caliber back? most people on this site reload anyways so that should only be a problem for people that shoot factory ammo. why are the ballistcs of 7wsm always slightly better with same bullets..... ahhh@$#$!!! what the hell...why? isn't the 270 bullet the one with the higher bc and sd and shouldn't it be the one to always come out on top given same velocity?

most of these questions are jst me going off and not me asking actuall questions; cuz i think i already know the answers.

if your looking for something in between .264 and .284 the .277 is perfect and who needs a huge bullet choice...heck i can't make up my mind anyways so K.I.S.S. the bullet choice for .270 is pretty good. berger and sierra have match bullets avaliable and nosler bt's would be good too....but then on the other hand, if they ever come out with .264wsm then i'll be one of the first to trade off my 270wsm an get in line.
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bullet selection is poor compared to .284 and .264
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I went with the 270wsm as i got a good deal on a sako 85 and just wanted rid of my 7mag (remington) after having 2 remmies i Just dislike that i needed to get shot of it! and never felt good about shooting it. Looked into the ballistics etc and the 270wsm was on par, infact shooting 150gr bullets the 270wsm was ballisticaly better than my 7mag was shooting 150's

It looks such a good cal just a shame that you cant get more bullets in the 150-160 range! a decent target bullet would be nice. hunting wise theres a fairly good choice of 150's.
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Could be for the same reason as 25 caliber. Ever hear any but a few talk about the 250 Savage, 257 Roberts, and for that matter, the 25-06? Had a Krieger barreled 250 Savage built a few years ago, and like the 270 caliber, bullet selection was minimal, at best.
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Crappy bullet selection. I am shooting 150g Berger VLDs in my .270WSM and I love the .270WSM.
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Yep, crappy bullet selection. Compared with the 7WSM shooting the 180 Berger, the 150 Berger for the 270 WSM is left in the dust. If Berger ever comes out with a 170-175 grain VLD for the 270, then you might have something.

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if i had it to do over i'd proly get a 7wsm and shoot 168gr bullets. 180gr. bullets are on the heavy side for a 7mm and would be the equivlent proly of shooting 168 out of the 270. the 140's are ideal in the 270 and i would rather shoot them out of a 270 than 7mm or 150's in a .30 cal. many of you won't argue with me there. now a 142smk in a .264wsm now that would be a screamer.(i don't know why i favor the heaviest bullets in the .264cal; i guess cuz with the case capacity of wsm i can see justifying it). i would shoot 180's outta something like a 7mm STW, 7mm ultra mag, weatherby mag or maybe even something bigger.

i jst realized the whole argument about poor bullet selection. IT'S NOT TRUE and gives the .270 a bad rep especially with alot of newcomers,etc. even i had it out for the 270 and poor bullet selection, but now that i'm givin it a shot i finally realized.

it's actually the poor selection in bullet weights; for all those out there who are either looking to be different, looking for the next big thing or want to have the biggest baddest there is and like dropping lots of cash on jst one rifle.(btw, i jst so happen to be one of those guys)

bullet selection is great if you want to shoot a 270. after looking at the 7mm info page the bullet selection is no better for 270 than it is for 7mm; jst choices in bullet weight from 120 or less all the way up to 180.

then again i don't guess i've ever seen too many choice in different twist rates for the 270. why change something that works i guess.

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The 7wsm also has slightly larger powder capacity than the 270wsm. They shortened the neck and made the case body longer.
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