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I am going to build a Thousand yard F Class rifle and need direction. I can not decide between a straight 284 win or the 284 Shehane. My question to you is the Shehane simply more accurate or just faster because there is a difference and is that difference worth the wildcatting.
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People are doing well with both. Whether it is worth the wildcatting may depend on your individual barrel and where the nodes are for your rig. I have about 2500 rounds through four barrels with the Shehane and I can say a couple of things based on that experience. The fireforming loads in all of my barrels have had exceptional vertical precision at velocities in the 2800 fps range with the 180 Berger and those will hold excellent vertical out to at least 1000 yards, so I haven't found the fireforming step to be costly. There has been a 50-70 fps range from the fastest to slowest of my barrels but the case volume has allowed me to get all but one of them to shoot at 2900 fps or above with excellent vertical out to 1000 yards. The only real difference between the 2800 and 2900 nodes appears to be about a quarter of a MOA wind drift per 10 mph of cross wind according to my ballistics program. I have been able to get the 180s up to 3000 fps with N560 but I didn't think that was high enough to get into the next node. The fastest of my barrels has about 1500 rounds through it and my gunsmith says there is plenty of life left in it. It still shoots as well as it did when new. Several powders have worked very well. I have done extensive load development with N165, H4831SC, and IMR-7828SSC with excellent results. I have done enough with RL-17 and N560 to believe that some of the lighter bullets could work at somewhere in the 3100 to 3200 fps range which is very interesting if it can be done and there are nodes up there. My barrels are 30-31 inch. I have shot Kreieger 1:9 .277/.284 barrels at both the 2800 and 2900 nodes. I have an 1:8.5 .276/.284 barrel that is extremely accurate at the 2800 node but hasn't worked well for me at 2900 even though I can get to those velocities with it. That barrel would have been just as good as a straight 284 in my opinion. I have talked to people who have gotten the straight 284 to do, in individual barrels, what I am doing so I can't say that you must use the Shehane to get results similar to mine. At this point, all I can say for sure is that it hasn't hurt me and it has given me flexibility and considerable room for exploration.
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