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Just a heads up for those shooting the 284 Shehane(or about too)...In a recently article, it was mentioned that 56 grs of Reloaded 17 could be shoot behind a 180 berger...Word of advice...don't...I tired it today thur my Bat M...Velocity was impressive...3127fps..bolt lift-very hard..primer fell out of primer pocket...don't believe everything you must work up from a lower load...

I'm convinced had I been shooting a lesser action, I'd had a bad failure of some sort..

On a lighter note, 56-57grs of 4831sc behind the 180 Berger is deadly, and will give you between 2935-2950...Great load, and very impressive round..
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If you take a close look at the article, 56.5 grains blew primers in a 3 lug Barnard (much stronger locking system with no ejector and small firing pin). RL-17 sneeks up on you just like it did me Got to be careful with that powder for sure. I blew and smoked the primers with no other pressure sighns. H4831SC will give you what you need -- as you have discovered as well.

Jim Hardy
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56.9gr H4831SC works great in mine as well with the 180 VLD.
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I can't relocate the article that you mentioned. Could someone please post a link to it.
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My load with 180 bergers for my 284 shehane was 56.5g of 4831sc, but it started to show pressure after it had about 200 rounds through it, I backed it of to 56.0g with no problems. The 168 bergers work great also with vvn165 between 57 and 58g. As falconpilot says work up to these loads and enjoy
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I jsut want to clarify the point I was trying to make..I'm sure that 56 grs worked for Jim Hardy, or he would not have stated so in the aritlce..not trying to doubt his findings...Just wanted everyone to work up slowly, and see what their gun will stand...I can tell you that a Bat M, on a 90 degree day with 56grs is way to hot...I guessing that 54-54.5 grs will be a good load..I'll report back...

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I agree with Jim completely about working up slowly because barrels , cases and other variables also seem to have an effect on pressures. For example, I weight sorted 500 Lapua cases before I expanded and turned the necks and then tested the weight extremes. The cases varied by up to 5 grains within the same lot and velocities varied from 50 to 70 fps with the same charge of one powder. It takes nearly an extra grain of powder to move the average velocity that much in a group of cases that weigh the same. I spot checked some Winchester .284 brass and some of those weighed 6 grains more than the heaviest Lapua brass I have. I just had a new barrel chambered for the gun and it will be interesting to see how it compares to the old barrel. The new barrel is a Brux .276 1:8.5 twist while the other barrel is a Krieger .277 1:9 twist. For those wondering about barrel life, the old barrel is still shooting extremely well after 1500 rounds and my gunsmith just looked at it with a borescope and says that there is plenty of life left in it. Big improvement over the 6.5X284.
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