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Hi all, I was thinking of building a 284 win. Could anyone give me some tips on which bullets, powders and cases to choose or any other info reguarding the 284.

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Standard 284 brass I believe you will be limited to Winchester unless you want to try necking up 6.5/284 brass in that case I would go with Lapua are you building a rifle in this caliber if so I would figure out what bullet you intend to shoot and make sure the throat dimensions are correct because when this factory chambering came about many years ago I don't think there were any 168 to 180 gr match bullets back then Good Luck
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Winchester brass is all you can get in the 284 Winchester and if you check it all you can come up with some very good cases.
The other choice is to buy Lapua 6.5X284 and neck it up, or use Hornady 6.5X284 brass, Lapua is tons better though.....
It depends on what your planning on doing with it, but the 140 Ballistic tip, and H- 4350 is a good place to start.
I have a few .284's that are gathering dust because of the 7mm SAUM.
Check that 7mm SAUM out before you do a .284 Winchester because there is a lot of advantage to it...........
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A good article, with some useful info about the .284 in competition.

Regards, Guy
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I shot the 284 Win for a whole season of 1000 yard shooting - great cartridge! Don't be afraid to use the Win 284 brass. I tried both Lapua 6.5 x 284 brass necked up and Winchester 284 brass straight (both neck turned) and I preferred the Winchester over the Lapua. The Winchester brass seemed to handle the pressure and loads better, and it was less work and cheaper too, although you need to sort the stuff by weight. For powders (with heavier bullets), you can't beat H4350 and H4831SC, as both are top performers. For match shooting the Sierra 175 gr BTHP MatchKing is excellent. I shot both the Berger 180 VLD's and the Sierra 175 MatchKings, and with the same powder charges and loads, I found the Sierras and Bergers impacted at virtually the identical elevation come ups at 1000 yards off a 100 yard zero. I used non-moly bullets. For H4350, somewhere between 51-52.5 gr should get you there well and with H4831SC, somewhere between 53-54.5 gr should do it.

Attached is a reamer I set up for shooting the 284 Win, it is throated for the 175 Sierras. If you were going to set it up for the 180 Bergers you need a freebore about .060" longer (i.e. .235" vs the .175" you see on the drawing).

Robert Whitley

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Did you encounter any issues with chambering Lapua brass in a chamber cut specifically for Winchester brass? I know this is an issue with some 6.5-.284 chambers, as case web dimensions for Lapua brass in this caliber is larger than that for Winchester.
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The reamer you see was not set up to hug just the Winchester brass which runs small. If you do, it's like "painting yourself in a corner". Yeah the body is a little generous for Winchester brass, but fire the brass once in the chamber and then it's not. I ran pretty much max loads all season with the Winchester brass, and many re-loads, and never had any loose primer pockets or issues. If you make a reamer up for just the Winchester brass, then you need to get custom or small base dies, you cannot use the Lapua brass - like I said - it's like painting yourself into a corner.

The reamer you see works with both Lapua Brass and Winchester brass, you can use standard Redding 284 Win match dies. Jerry Tierney uses the chamber I set up in one of his 284's.

Robert Whitley
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Thanks guys,

I was intending to build the 284 for long range F-Class shooting. So I was intending to use the heavy match projectiles. The reason for the 284 is because I have a single shot Australian made Omark action with the 308 size bolt head.
I was wondering what sort of barrel life I could expect from the 284? and is the 162 Hornady A-MAX a good choice of projectile to try?

Thanks again,
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