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I recently had a rifle re-chembered to '06 Ackley. I am having a problem with the fire formed, and then full length sized brass. After it is sized the bolt is stiff to close. Fireformed and not full length sized brass chambers fine. I have measured the necks, shoulders, and bases of the cases. Case length is below standard trim length. The problem is still there when bullets are seated in the cases. Has any one ran into this problem? If so I would appreciate the help.
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Seems to be a problem with the way the FL die was set up...
If your not 100% resizing the case it will grow in length and cause your problem.
The expander ball may also be pulling it longer than it should, try it with out the ball and see what happens....
If its a bolt action, pull the firing pin assembly and keep working on the sizing until it chambers with a tiny bit of resistance. I like the bolt to drop almost to the bottom before it starts to hang up from a correctly sized case.......
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you may have to file a few thousanthds off the top of the shell holder to get it to push the sholder far enough back. just depends on how it was chambered.
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I am not sure who is making the Stoney Point HS gauges at this time, it may be Hornady.

Get the kind that install on a dial caliper. Now you can measure fired cases from the mid-point of the shoulder (called the datum) to the base of the case. Once you measure about 5-6 of those fired cases you will find the shortest case. Call that zero. This will approximate the chamber in your rifle.

Now, the job is to set you FL sizing die to "set-back" the shoulder about .002". That should be a good place to start for your rifle. If your die wouldn't do that, then take a look at the Redding shell holders that are ground in specific amounts shorter than a standard shell holder. That will allow you to "set-back" the shoulder of the case.

You now are sizing the cases .002" shorter than the chamber and the cases/cartridges should chamber easily.

Give that a try.

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This is a Ruger bolt action, and I am sizing the cases 100%. The dies are Redding dies. One of my initial thoughts was that the die was not setting the shoulder back far enough. I will have to try and measure from the datum of the shoulder. Thanks for the input.
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