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We're starting on a new Cartridge Guide--this one for the 300WSM and 7WSM. If you've seen any of our previous Cartridge Guides, you'll know we try to make them the definitive resource on the web for that particular chambering. It's a format that has been very popular with readers--our .308 Guide has received 195,000 pageviews.

Creating a new Cartridge Guide is a big job--it can easily involve 100+ man-hours of work. So we need your help. Also having proven load data from real shooters benefits everyone who eventually reads the article.

For the 300WSM guide we need shooter input regarding:

1. Favorite Accuracy Loads
2. Favorite Hunting Loads
(for #1 & #2 we need powder, charge weight, bullet, primer, brass mfg., velocity, seating depth or OAL, recommended twist, and one or two sentences commenting about the load. Include your barrel type and twist rate if possible.)

3. Recommended Bullets.
Because the 300WSM caliber is used both for long-range target use and hunting at all distances, we need to cover a wide selection of bullets. We're especially interested in comparisons among the High-BC match bullets, and learning about the real-world performance of hunting bullets of various weights/construction.

4. Reloading Tips.
If you have developed any special loading practices that work real well with the 300WSM or 7mm WSM, let us know. We will also cover the 270WSM necked up to 7mm, as this is used by many long-range shooters. We are very interested in knowing what kind of brass prep you've found to work best, both with Winchester and Norma brass.

5. Die and Tool Recommendations.
We've heard some good things about custom dies from Hornady and Warner Tool, and the Lee Collet dies work well for some guys. Let us know your die preferences and what sizing methods work best.

6. Brass.
We want to hear your experiences using both Winchester and Norma Brass.

7. Gun of the Week.
We're looking for a 300 WSM long-range target rifle to feature.

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300WSM rem 40x action,34" kreiger barrel 1-10",barrel blocked,shehane heavy tracker stock, used for 1k heavy gun comp.I.B.S. gun weight 40lbs
210 berger or 210 jlk both seated to touch rifling
62.0grs vv n160
65.0grs vv n165
norma brass,cci br primer
mid 2800`s fps but this is with a shooting chrony
VERY easy to load for..with my n165 shot many 5-6" 10 shot groups at 1k with both berger and jlk`s..initial load work up was 64.0 - 68 grs of hole groups at 200 yards with mild or hot loads...settled on 65.0grs...bolt a little tight at 68.0....shot a few matches at 67.0grs of n165..groups seemed to open up slightly but might be me...dropped back to 65.0grs and groups shrunk...only shot this rifle once at 200 on paper to sight in and work up a n165 load...all other load work up was done shooting 1k ibs matches...dont have any extensive chronograph/load work up data...all done at matches
rifle chambered with a pt@g reamer...337 neck turned neck to .3355
redding comp. dies...want to try a small base body die next year...norma brass a little soft,2nd firing extracts kinda sure this is a sizing issue (me!) after researching this on this site
at roughly 800-900 rds down the barrel so far throat has moved barely .002
shot a 5.2" group at 1k with berger 210/63.0grs n160 but could not duplicate..
shot more 5-6" groups with both jlk and berger with n165 but want to try that n160- berger combo again.
have tried h4350 at the advice of other wsm shooters but could not get the fps and did not try it at 1k. again this is with a shooting chrony so take it for what its worth.
am very pleased with this combo...when this barrel goes south,i`ll do another one again for sure..have won many relays with this combo and a few matches as well...i do think in the hands of a better shooter this could do much better...
hope this is a good start....chris 308
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great info this is what I am looking for, only other thing I would like to know is what OAL did you settle on and how much headspace?
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I shoot a .300 wsm in 1000 yard BR. I use a BAT action, Krieger and now Bartlien 30" 10 twist barrels. I use Norma brass and 210 Bergers, 65.5 grains of H4831sc and CCI br2 primers. My load may vary with the new Bartlein barrels, but I do not expect it to vary much. Velocity is 2850fps and does a good job. Brass life seems equal to or better than the Win brass and quality is better in my opinion.

Ron Tilley
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Steve,i`l get out my old data as i`ve put the WSM away for the winter....i`ll get you your oal for the berger and jlk`s. I can tell you that my reamer has the jlk and berger 210 cut so the boat tail/bearing surface on both bullets is at the shoulder neck not sure what you mean by how much headspace..after about the 3rd firing i bump the shoulder back about .002 hope this helps....chris
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thanks Chris.
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This works in my rifle:Light Gun
H4350 61.0gr cc1br-2 Norma Brass 210 Berger or 210SMK- .005 jump, veloicty is 2855 from a 30" Kreiger 1-11". .ES for 5 shots is 2,I have done this back to back,The first 5 shots were a ES of 1.I use a Ohler35 w/4' space.This has won many,many matches at Willaimsport.
Note: fed 210m worked very well too.
I'm sure of the reamer specs. contact Springman Rifles for info.

For my hunting rifle I shoot 60gr of RL15 and a 168 Berger and 210 primer velocity is 3105 from a 24" Shilen.The 168 berger
hammers deer.

My heavy guns both use H4350 but vary a little from the LG.Both are using fed210M,210 Bergers.HG#1(The Misfit)use 62.8gr(a little hard on brass) and jumps .010.THIS GUN SHOOTS!!!Ask anybody at Williamsport.
HG#2-is brand new but intial test show that it wants around 61.0.I haven't shot over a chron. yet but the 4 gv Bartlein 1-11 " should be pretty close to the LG Kreiger.
All three guns were smithed by Springman Rifles with the same reamer .338 nk.
I use Forester FL die with the JLC conversion to a bushing die,wilson&Forester Ultra BR seater.I FL size and bump the shoulder after firing.
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Mr. Moderator,

You might want to reword the daily bulletin. It reads "(Both the 270 WSM and 300 WSM have a slightly longer neck than the 270 WSM)"
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