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I'm a little confused by the way you expressed the numbers. Are you saying your max ES was 43 and min ES was 3?

Likewise do you mean your max SD was 23, but it was 1 fps with one load?

Between 68 and 69 grains it was 10 down to 3 and 6 down to 1.

I don't understand the above... Is 10 to 3 the ES range? Are these for 3 rounds, 5 rounds, 10 rounds over the chron?

Thanks for the data--this seems to confirm trends we've seen with some other calibers that RL17 gets better when you run it right up to max.

3351 is amazing with a 168-grainer even in the 300 WSM!

FYI to readers, Hodgdon's fastest listed "max" load for a 168gr SMK in 300 WSM is 3144 fps with Hybrid 100V:

168 SIE HPBT Hodgdon Hybrid 100V 67.7Cgr         3144fps         61,100 PSI

The BARNES TSX may be a little faster because of its grooved jacket (less bearing surface) but still, 3351 is a BIG improvement.
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Yes, max ES was 46 and max SD was 23 at 67.2 grains RL17, with Win brass and F215M. That was the starting load.

Best load as ES of 3 with SD of 1.

at 68.1 it was ES-10 and SD-6 and at 69.0 it was ES-3 and SD-1, which was the final load tested. I do not have my data in front of me, but the 68.4 and 68.7 were sequentially lower each time.

All five shots over Oehler 35 with 4 ft spacing on the screens.

Yes, I was amazed too.

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My hunting load for a Savage 16 in 300WSM is:
Winchester 300WSM Brass
Wolf Russian Large Rifle Primers
64.0gr Hodgdon H4350
180gr Barnes Triple Shock
Bullets seated about .02 off the lands
Average muzzle velocity is 2975fps

This light rifle is beating the hell out of me. No fun at all to shoot at targets without a muzzle brake.

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Some data that needs to be viewed with a creful eye. Using WW brass and RE19, the Nosler 180grEtip, and either CCI Br2s or Wolf LRM. A-whopping case full or 69 gr of RE19 and the 180s seated to 2.820 will produce good accuracy with the CCIBR primer. However the Wolf LRM tends to near one hole groups at 100 yd- in aBrownig Abolt. BUT, RE 19 SEEMS TO VARY AN AWFUL LOT WITH DIFFERENT CANASTER LOTS. SO PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!!!! aLSO THIS BATCH OF AMMO WAS LOADED WITH WOLF LRM AND IN THE ABOLT SHOT WELL AT 85* BUT AT 40* MISFIRE RATE WAS ABOUT 40%, MY TRUSTY OLD 700 DIDNT WORRY AT THE LEAST AND HAD "0" MISFIRES. A QUICK TEST IN A SAVAGE M12 GAVE ABOUT THE SAME % OF MISFIRE AS THE ABOLT. THE 700 HAS A BIG HEAVY FIRING PIN AND ALL PRIMER INDENTS ARE SUBSTANTIAL, WHILE THE SAVAGE AND THE BROWNING HAVE FASTER LOCK TIMES AND BITTY LITTLE FIRING PINS. THE PRIMER INDENTS ARE SUBSTANTIALLY SMALLER AND LIGHTER. Other issue with the Etips is the added lenght of the polymer tip and the lower density of the gilding metaal= more bullet in the case. Loads require deeper seating to gain magazine function this cuts down on powder space. Would like to see some data on the newer hybrid or SM tuned canaster powders.
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These 2 loads were fired in a totally stock Winchester Model 70 using standard bench rest technique. Chronograph was 12 feet from the muzzle. Temperature was mid 70's to low 80's. Altitude was 4,600 feet. All cases are Winchester, with primer pockets trued and flash holes debured. All were with Winchester Mag LR Primers from the same Lot #. Brass was with 2 differ en lots. Case lengths were measured with a Stoney Point Gage from the base to the ogive. Both loads cycle thru my magazine with no problems.

Bullet: Speer 180 gr flat base Spitzer
Powder AA 3100: 68.0 gr
Comparator OAL: 3.25"
MV: 2,894 fps
Extreme spread 5 shots: 24.4 fps
3 shot group @ 100 yds: 0.75-1.02"
Notes: A good practice load, not full load. AA3100 is not the best powder for a full intensity load but I am getting rid of it by using it for practice. Recoil is about the same as a 30-06 and full throttle 180 gr hunting load.

Bullet: Barnes 180 gr flat based Triple Shock
Powder: Aliant Reloder 22 72.0 gr.
Comparator OAL: 3.25"
MV: 3,025 fps
Extreme Spread 5 shots: 16 fps
3 shot group @ 100 yds: 1.25"
Notes: My elk hunting load. A large rag horn bull hit at 75 yds went about 50 yards and collapsed dead when I walked to him. That was the bullet doing that. I strongly recommend the Triple Shock if your rifle will shoot it as well as mine will.
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64.9gr H4350, 155gr Amax loaded to 2.855", Fed match primers, ave 3312fps from a 26" Krieger 13 twist tight bore med Palma custom tight neck chamber and turned necks. Holds 1/2 MOA to 600yds pretty easy with a sporter stock and safe hunting trigger. My above timberline mule deer load. ES are usually single digits
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Hi all,
It's been a while but my rifle is ready to pick up from the Gunsmith, so I guess it's time to start looking at load development, the bullet I will be using is the 162gr Amax, brass will be Winchester and I have a stack of Russian primers so will put them to use. I also have a fair amount of VV N160 so would like to start with that. I loaded 5 rounds with 57gr for the test firing, I would think this would be a fairly light load but it was all guess work as I can't find any load data for 7mm WSM using N160,? any suggestions?? would be great! The reamer was supplied by PT&G .315 neck and .095 FB which sits the 162's on the lands with a COAL of 3.020. When neck turning what overall clearance should I aim for, I have read that the 7WSM needs a reasonable amount for best accuracy, any ideas? (This is a hunting rifle which will be used in and around New Zealand bush so a tight neck would not be practical).

Sako 75 SM action
26 inch True Flite Barrel #4 contour. 9 Twist SG.


Per Aspera Ad Astrum
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300 WSM in a FN SPR action with a Shilen 10 twist CM barrel at 28", HS precision stock, Leupold MK4 M1 8.5X25-50 TMR. No turn chamber. using a clymer reamers.

Berger 185 grain VLD,0.002in neck tension
69 grains of Hodgdon 4831sc
2.905 COAL and .010 in the lands
Winchester Brass
Fed 215M primers
MV 2921 fps average for first 25 shots. ES of 15

This load shot a 0.562in at 200yards using,(On target software) most of the groups averaged 0.750in, off of sinclair rest. This was also new brass, sorted by weight. I think the groups will get better after fire forming. As far as brass prep, I do the same as my 6BR. I use a redding body die, Wilson Neck die and seater made with the chamber reamer.

I built this rifle to beat up on some friends in Tenn. who have TRG 42's. I take their lunch money with my 6BR at 600yds, but they have me at 1000yds. We will see if this is true in the coming weeks.

This is my first use of an FN action. I will say if you can get one they make a great rifle. Stocks can be hard to find for them. The action came from CDNN. They have them in 308 bolt face as well. Hope this helps!


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