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Just got me a real good deal on a brand new Rem 7600 pump in .30-06, satin wood. Came with a scope base and a spare magazine. Will zero the iron sights at 50 yds before putting a Bushnell 3-9 on it. Taking it to northern Ontario for moose. Season opens Oct 10.

Have heard horror stories about the 870 trigger in the 7600. Actually it isn`t too bad. A little spongy but about 3 lbs. Almost feels like a 2 stage.

Will be working up loads for 165, 180 and 200 bullets at my club in southern Ontario. Already have a very accurate load for the 200 Speer and RX22 in a bolt gun.

Am led to believe that the 7600 is a strong action with its rotating locking lugs and can take the same loads as a bolt gun given the same seating depth. My first question is "Can I work at the same pressures in the 7600 as in my Savage M11?".

Second question: Would be very interested in feedback from other 7600 users as to the accurate loads that they have worked up in their pump.
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I have got a 7600 "Carbine" chambered in .30-06 and this is what I can tell you. When I shoot factory loaded 150 gr Remington Core Lokt ammo, (sighting in off of a bench) the bolt blows open, (forend slides back) on its own, as the gun is fired. I bought this weapon new back in the 1980's, and when it started doing this, I took off the 2-7X Leupold Compact scope, cleaned the rifle, and put it in the safe. Thats where it still sits. I have never tried to work up a handload, because I felt a little leary about the gun.
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I had heard that the 7600 is an accurate rifle but the results yesterday at the range were pleasantly surprising. I put a Pachmayr boot on the butt to absorb recoil during an extended bench session and this may have helped.

The 200 Speer and RX22 put three shots into one half inch at 100 metres (110 yards). Chronod at 2320 fps. This same load in my M11 bolt Savage chronos at 2550, same barrel length. The 200 fps drop in velocity is probably due to the freebore that Remington puts in their rifles. Cartridge OAL is pretty well fixed by the magazine length in the 7600.

The 165 Hornady btsp and H4350 put three into 9/16 at 100 metres, chronos at 2610. This is 100 fps below the same load in the M11.

The 200 Speer is roughly 1/2 inch high at 100 which is right where I want it. The 165 Hornady is printing low and right of the 200.

Will have to make up my mind if I want to increase loads to boost velocity and raise the point of impact for the 165. May mean faster powders because current load densities are running at 100%.

Shown below are the groups fired so far by the 7600.

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4350 is a tiny bit on the slow side for 165's and RL22 (I think that's what you're using right?) is just coming into it's own with 200's so I think you're on the right path there.

You might try 4198 to get those 165's moving a little faster or even BLC-2

The 200's seem a bit slow to me, but then again I'm used to comparing what a 26" tube bolt gun will throw them at, and as the other guy posted, I'm leary of loading those pumps too hard.
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The most accurate load that I have found for any 30-06 is this.
51.2 grs IMR 4064, Federal 210M primer, Remington case, 150 Sierra Pro Hunter, OAL 3.225 It does average 3000 fps from a 24" barrel.

I just fixed a poor shooting Interarms Mark X 30-06 for a friend today. It was shooting basked ball size groups. I cleaned the bore really well. Free floated the barrel in the stock. Put a Bold trigger on it and set it 2.7 lbs. I was going to glass the action but when I pulled it from the stock it was already glassed in the front lug area so I decided to try it with out full bed glass. Loaded up some of the above load fired two shots to get the zero where I wanted. Then I fired a 3 shot group that 2 went into the same hole and the third cut that hole. Rifle fixed and buddy is ready to go deer hunting and shoot one's eye out.
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I loaded up some stuff for my neighbor last year and he took his 7600 or variant thereof to Texas. Rifle shot cloverleafs! 150 grain Hornday flatbase bullets and a stout charge of H414. This has always been my "go to" load for 30-06. Not sure this would be my first choice bullet for moose. I would try a good 180 grain bullet and Ramshot Hunter. This has proven about as good as I can get with the heavier bullets in 30-06.

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Can`t believe this rifle! Loaded some bulk 180 gr Win flat base soft points over RL17 to give 2690 fps. Got the 1/2 inch group at 100 metres shown below. Prints 1 1/2 high at 100, same as the 200 Speer. Might try 180 Nosler AccuBonds next. Anyone have opinions on the Hornady InterBond?

Nosler Partitions used to be THE premium bullet but my experience is that the soft nose lead wipes clean off the bullet on impact and the rear "wadcutter" does most of the penetration at a greatly reduced weight. But some guys still swear by them.

Won`t even think of Ballistic Tips. Explode on moose on impact, destroy a lot of meat and result in a wounded animal thrashing around in the bush somewhere as you hear its hooves slowly disappear into the distance. Tracking in a cold rain through spruce muskeg ain`t a whole lot of fun.

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I love shooting Partitions because I KNOW I will have two holes instead of one. With 30-06 velocities, I do not know that it is needed to get two holes on deer, but when you mention that you are in Ontario and moose. . . I would shoot the 180gr NPs and never look back. The load you are shooting with the 200s, there is a 200gr Accubond and Partition too.

FWIW, I am loading some 180gr NABs for a friend on my lease. We have not had any trouble busting water jugs at 900 yards. The bullets retain about 60% of their mass at that range. With a MV of 3050-3100fps, at 900 they are moving at around 1600 fps. At 510 yards, there is usually only a solid base and pieces discernable (velocity is roughly 2100-2200 fps).
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