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Originally Posted by john1c
I am using Lapua brass, 46gr. Varget and 168 SMK. The Lapua brass has been reloaded 9 times. Should I be concerned with case head separation with 9 reloads? How many reloads have you guys been able to get out of Lapua brass? Thanks in advance.

If you are worried about head separation while you are shooting it will affect your scores.
To ease your mind select a piece of brass and hacksaw it down the middle lengthwise,clean it up with a file or belt sander and deburr.
Now you can see the thickness of the brass.
A few suggestions.
46 gr. of varget is a bit stiff with a 168 smk and is not needed at 600.
Shoulder bump your brass only .002.
If you are full length sizing each time keep a good eye on overall length.
My loads,depending on case volume run from 43 to 44.5 of varget with the 168 smk and do well out to 800 yds.

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john1c .....

Few shooters fully understand that chamber clearance (at the shoulder) needs to be kept to a minimum, like -.002" or less. This tool is very simple to operate, and it accurately measures chamber clearance at the shoulder. I developed this Digital Headspace Gauge to show how YOUR handloads fit in YOUR particular chamber.

Many shooters rely on bumping their shellholder into their resizing die to get their correct headspace. This is definitely not the best way to do it - not even close. Unlike the RCBS Precision Mic, our Digital Headspace Gauge works on ALL calibers. Unlike the Stoney Point tool (now Hornady) our gauge doesn't require using a collection of bushings to operate, and you also don't need to balance your cases on the blade of calipers to measure a case.

(This tool also measures the bullet jump to the rifling.) The link you asked for is

- Innovative

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John, let me know if you still need a 40S&W case. Does it need to be resized or just fired?
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Thanks impalacustom. I might be able to make it to the range this weekend to see if I can find a couple of 40s&w cases. I'll let you know if I don't find any. Thanks again.
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You would be surprised how many folks just take a standard full length die and screw it into their press until it touches the shell holder and then back it off a little and believe they should be good to go

RJ, I'm going to disagree with one aspect of your post. With a few exceptions, very little in reloading is cast in stone. There is most certainly a rifle/caliber combination that virtually never lends itself to anything other than FLS.
The 7.5 Swiss in the k31 and the zfk55 (among a few others). Less than FLS usually ends up with sporadic chambering results in those rifles and case neck only sizing will be nothing short of frustration.

Point being, virtually all reloading rules are subjective, and the novice, within the bounds of safety, common sense and study, should be encouraged to determine what works well for his/her caliber and rifle. My own meager experience has proven that longevity of my brass depends solely on sizing methodology pertinent to the applicable rifle and annealing. YMMV


*And, Innovative...... I think you've made a sale. I enjoy finding and buying these sorts of things for the reloading room. Keeps me feeling younger and interested.*
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