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Ok Guys i have had a 30BR built for 100-200-300 benchrest and have put approx 200 rnds through and am getting good results groups in the .25 range would like to have a go at 500m fly shoot and one of the top Fly shooters reckons it won`t cut the mustard which is like pokeing a mad dog with a stick telling me that.
Question, Before digging too big of a hole for my self anyone out there see a problem at 500m useing 115gr MV around the 3,000fps i haven`t been able to try for my self yet new batch of projectiles have just arrived will be enlisting the help of a couple of long range local shooters for wind reading and other tricky stuff.
Just like to know before hand if i am barking up the wrong tree going with the 30BR.
It is Barnard Action Mastin stock Pac_Nor 5 groove delux 1-17tw barrel leupold 36X scope ??????
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Bob you might want to try the Nosler 125 BT with a BC of 0.366 or if you can get them stable the Berger 135 FB VLD with a BC of 0.4

You might well be pushing the stabalization envelope with a 1:17 twist but it's worth a try. I have NFI the BC of the match projectiles you use but if you can get the 125 NBT's to 3000 fps you have approx a +10inch @100 with a mid height rise of about 19 inch at around 280 yards for a 500 yard zero. @500Y approx 1850 FPS and over 900 FT-lbs on target.
I ran the figures through PCB after checking on the quoted BC of the 125 NBT's from the nosler site.

I think I have a few of the 135 Bergers if you want 20 or so to try them out. Won't be able to send them up to you till I get home in about 2 weeks though. If you want??

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We shoot Ground Hog Matches, which is nothing more than a black ground hog silhouette with a white bulls-eye with scoring rings in the center at 200/300/500 meters. The ten ring measures an inch and a quarter so accuracy is paramount.

I've seen a couple of 30BR's compete, and on a good condition day without a lot of wind do pretty respectably score wise.

You do have an advantage with the bigger bullet, not much, but still an advantage.

I remember when I was young going to "Ham" shoots with my Dad and Uncle. A ham shoot is just what it says a ham suspended on a string at about 50 yards if my memory serves me correctly, shot off hand. Whoever cut the string won the ham. My uncle won a lot beating guys with tricked up 22-250's with scopes using his old 45-70 with iron sights. I always thought that it was because he was a fantastic shot (which he was). It wasn't till years later that I realized that big old bullet had a whooping advantage going in over those little 22's.

Sorry about the ramblings, yep, I think you should give that thirty a try you might just fool those boys yourself!

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